What should I use?

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November 20th, 2014 11:48 pm



JavaScript programmer here… I’ve usually started from scratch for┬áthe JavaScript/HTML/CSS games I’ve made for Ludum Dare in the past. But I’m thinking of starting with some kind of framework this time around. Community — What do you recommend?

Phaser or Unity?


PS- I’m in! Regardless of framework/tools…

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  1. TheGrieve says:

    I say Phaser, especially if you’re traditionally a from-scratch-er. I find the visual componentized nature of unity makes me feel very removed from the structure of my code, and I’m a code thinker, not a visual thinker so I need that structure.

    That and, no offense to anyone reading ;), I find that a lot of unity jam games… feel like unity jam games, there’s a kind of homogenous quality to them. Don’t get me wrong, some amazing people do amazing things with unity, but the fallback default feel just kind of irks me.

  2. rsergiu2003 says:

    well, depends very much what you want to achieve, if you want to focus on the game and create great content you should go for unity…. if you are more of a code guy maybe pick something else. I go with unity because I can focus on the game not loose time with “engine” stuff….

  3. tjxx says:

    I would agree to both comments above. Although developing with Unity is a bit quicker and you can create some amazing content in record time, it does abstract you away from the actual code piece a little. By this I mean that for the majority of your time in the Unity interface you are going to be stuck looking at the visual side of it. Phaser is a HTML5 game engine which uses javascript so I personally feel that you would enjoy that a little more and be more comfortable using it since you have a strong javascript background.

    Regardless of what I think, they are both provide great and reliable environments in which to work with, so it’s your choice as to what you want to use. Good luck with the challenge in December :)

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