Last year in December I participated as part of
And sadly was traveling on both April and August LDs
Am planing to participate in LD31 for a while, buuut.

Garage48 GameDev
Recently found out that Garage48 comes to Riga, and not with usual “Build a startup in 48 hours” but a GameDev one
It works like that, you come, pitch game idea and gather a team to make a game over next 48 hours from ~100 people come from business, development and design backgrounds.
Super fun, almost as fun as LD(but I like LD more) but makes it easier to gather teams and is very well organized.

Problem is, it starts Friday 6PM locally, while LD starts something like Saturday 4AM which 8 hours later…

So far idea is to go to Garage48 and pitch about LudumDare trying to gather a team to participate in both, then go to sleep, wake up 6AM and start brainstorming game for Garage48 and LudumDAre theme.

What I plan to use
Like last year plan to use something that outputs HTML games + packaging them as mobile apps is a bonus
Here is a nice website found recently that has same game with sources made on many of JavaScript game frameworks/engines.
Do plan to do it with WebGL as canvass is limited to just sprites drawing.

JavaScript + WebGL
WebStorm as IDE
Photoshop for graphics
Was thinking to use one of Autotrackers but this post contains lot of other cool apps I am playing with right now :)

And that’s about it.
Is anyone else combining LudumDare with some other GameDev event, gathering?

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