I am in, for Ludum Dare 31…. alone this time… :(

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November 15th, 2014 8:42 am

For those who may have played my games, you probably knew that for 3 of my Ludum Dare games (28, 29 and 30), I am always in team with my best friend, who is an artist.

He is the only guy that I rely on for graphics in our game for all these years, and I was never really an artist because I thought that by focusing on programming, I could improve my skill far better than having so many skills to work on.

Now that I am truly alone, I must find a shortcut way to create the graphic of the same caliber as my friend, and still, have enough time to complete this project.

Wished that you could wish me luck, but I am really screwed this time…  But I will still keep myself up even in the toughest moment.

Here are my arsenals:

  1. Game Maker: Studio (Professional) – My main arsenal for this Ludum Dare.  I rely on it for programming the game, putting the graphics and sounds together, and then compile them all into a single game.  IF this tools suddenly decided to stop working, then I will be screwed.
  2. FL Studio 11 (Fruity Edition) – I just bought this recently, it has tons of sounds and samples that I will need for my game.  Very helpful to create a quick music with the tools available to me.
  3. LMMS – In case I need to do automation (in which the Fruity Edition doesn’t have), then I might have to resort to this option.  But most of the time, FL Studio works just as well.
  4. SFXR – I might not use this as often because it sounds too ‘retro’.  I will however, use this for quick sound effects.
  5. Audacity – It’s free, but its powerful enough for sound-editing.  Might use it a lot.
  6. GIMP – I will mostly be using this for drawing the sprites.  It’s free, but its as good as Photoshop at the moment.
  7. Clip Studio Paint Pro – This was included alongside with my graphic tablet that I have bought for a while now.  Pretty useful for quick poster or background.
  8. Paint.NET – As it is pretty light-weighted compared to GIMP, its pretty useful for a quick graphic editing or even sprites.
  9. Inkscape – In case I need to draw some vector graphic, I will have one ready for that. 😉
  10. MS Paint – For quick print screen editing.

So yeah, I guess that is all for my tools.  I HAVE ZERO TRAINING ON GRAPHIC.  Wonder if I can make it out alive… oh well, we shall see! 😀


Cause you know… I am still not confident in solo just yet 😛

3 Responses to “I am in, for Ludum Dare 31…. alone this time… :(”

  1. Javac says:

    What’s up with your friend?

  2. Tosic says:

    Well, I hope you’ll make an another cool game for LD #31, good luck man 😀

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