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November 11th, 2014 1:57 pm

We just released version 0.7 of our “Extended October Challenge” game “Hello, Alien!”. It brings new levels, bugfixes and probably other new bugs features.

We would really like to have your feedback to further improve it, and since we figured sending us an e-mail is too much of a hassle, we created a little feedback form, where you can anonymously give us some feedback about our game. So when you try it out, consider giving us a minute of your time and tell us what you thought. (That would really put a smile on our face.)

I would have liked to embed the widget, but wordpress doesn't like iframes.

So many jams

With all those jams coming up, it’s really tough to not get distracted. Next year, October Challenge will NOT be extended into November. The next few weekends will be really busy.

Nov 21st: Indies VS PewDiePie A jam with a real prize: PewDiePie is gonna let’s play the top 10 entries, which will mean fame and honour for those games. So it’s definitely worth checking out, although the lack of a proper theme (“Fun to play, fun to watch” – Duh, sure my game is gonna be fun.) makes it really hard to come up with a game idea. I somehow really miss the restriction of a theme that forces you to think outside the box.

Nov 29st: MiniLD55 I will probably use this MiniLD as an excuse to create a proper code base for LD 31, rather than making a game. Maybe just a small test game, with that feature… and that feature would be nice… oh, and wouldn’t it be cool if… god dammit brain, stop!

Dec 5th: Ludum Dare 31: The event everybody has been waiting for. Not much to say about this actually, I guess you are all familiar with LD.

Artist wanted

Oh, and I don’t know where to ask this, but here it is.

If you are an artist, but don’t know how to code and can’t make any music (optional), live near some european time-zone and know english (sure you do, you are reading this) or german, then we search exactly for YOU!

If you are interested in teaming up for the next jams, write us at accidentlyawesomestudios [at] gmail [dot] com


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  1. Gandalf1209 says:

    That game is super good! Really enjoyed it!

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