Sudokil Devlog #1- Hacking/Scripting type game

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November 7th, 2014 11:57 am

Here’s the first video showing off the work I started on a new project nicknamed Sudokil. The game revolves around having to use the command line interface to type commands into the game. Through the CLI, you are able to navigate a file system full of scripts and entities using UNIX like commands. Using the scripts, you can control various entities, devices and machines like robots, doors, cameras and computers.

At the moment, I have made the base game engine in Java using a few libraries including libGDX, Artemis Entity System Framework, libgdx-utils, and Apache Commons CLI. I use a few complex design patterns like the entity component system or the service locator. The engine constructs the map, entities and filesystem based off a number of JSON files I feed into it, meaning that I don’t need to touch code to edit the map and entities on it. At the moment, I have to construct these JSON files by hand though, so my next steps in development will include making a level editor and improving the command line interface (features like auto complete when typing, and actual entity/variables editing)

I made a bunch of GIFs showing off some of the features so far. (Click to enlarge)

Controlling a robot using scripts

Controlling the camera using scripts



If you want to read more about this devlog, I wrote a longer post on my website:

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  1. CodeNMore says:

    I like the concept! The only downfall is that it wouldn’t appeal to people who don’t want to learn the commands, but this is awesome, and I like the prototype!

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