MiniLD #55 – “Preparation” – 29th/30th November

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November 6th, 2014 7:26 am

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It’s me again! After just shy of 3 years, my time has finally arrived once more! I’m hosting the MiniLD! So, without further ado, gather around and let me tell you a story…

The Purple Squirrel was a happy squirrel, she ran and jumped and played all day; she loved her life and she loved her friends. But one morning, she realised that the days had started getting shorter, and that fewer and fewer of the other squirrels were willing to play with her. Eventually, she found herself alone. Frustrated, she stopped one of her so-called friends and asked, “Why won’t you play with me? I see you running around all day gathering things, but you won’t stop and play with me!”.

Her friend turned and he curtly told her, “We are getting ready for the long nights, we are preparing. You should prepare too.” and with that he bounded back up the tree and vanished in the leaves.

“Hrmph, that sounds like hard work, I don’t need to prepare“, she protested to herself, “Bring on the long nights”.

The Purple Squirrel continued to play all alone, inventing little pastimes as her peers busied themselves. She barely even noticed that December had arrived and it was time for Ludum Dare!

All the other squirrels logged into IRC, started streaming on Twitch and happily worked away, munching on their hoarded Diet Coke and Pizza. They weren’t all happy with the theme, some complained, but damn it, they were all prepared and they were going to do this!

The Purple Squirrel ran back to her little nest and quickly tried to set everything up. She didn’t know how to stream and she had no snacks; her editor was a mess and her Photoshop trial had expired. She spent hours getting everything ready, she gathered together her tools and made a quick trip to the Squirrel-Mart for supplies. She could finally start, but now she was tired…

“Just a little nap”, she said, “a wee half hour”… and she dozed off.

Moral Of The Story? PREPARATION

Which rather conveniently happens to be the theme of my MiniLD! It shall be (officially) held on the 29th and 30th of November, but you are of course welcome to submit any time between now and then (as soon as the submit links are up).

Since it’s so close to the next Big LDβ„’, I felt preparation was a fitting theme. Use this Mini to prepare, but also fit the theme of preparation into your game somehow. Maybe it’s a strategy but all the decisions are made up front, maybe it’s a rogue-like and you have to choose all your equipment at the start, or maybe it’s about running a pizza place. Whatever, PREPARE!


What: MiniLD #55
Who: Grieve (and you)
Where: Here (and over there)
When: 29th and 30th November
Why: Preparation
Theme: Preparation
Rules: Preparation (or the normal relaxed Jam rules, whatever)


BONUS: For all the Ludum Dare historians out there, it’s worth mentioning that PREPARATION was actually the theme of the 3rd ever LD, over 11 years ago! If you are one of the ever-shrinking demographic of folks who actually had a functioning computer back then, maybe you want to dust off that old zip file of poorly conceived C, give it a lick of paint and use it as preparation for this mini.


Good Luck


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51 Responses to “MiniLD #55 – “Preparation” – 29th/30th November”

  1. “(officially) held on the 29th and 30th of November, but you are of course welcome to submit any time between now and then (as soon as the submit links are up)”
    Does this mean you could instead choose to spend a week on your practice project, e.g. this weekend through to next weekend, and submit that project as an entry or?

    • BlackFox says:

      Yea I’m pretty sure that’s what that means. Take what I say with a grain of salt though beczuse this is my first time doing any of this stuff haha

      • Cool, thanks for the second opinion :).
        No worries, it at least won’t hurt then to start making the design until an official response is made ^^.

        • TheGrieve says:

          I always tend to approach MiniLD’s with a relaxed attitude, so as long as you are making games, having fun and preparing, then you are eligible to take part in my eyes. That being said, you should prepare for the timeframe of a major Ludum Dare as well, so it’s in your interest to sprint a 48 or 72 hours period πŸ˜‰

          • Ahh yeah, keeping in mind that the timeframe for Ludum Dare is 72 hours (when entering the Jam) is definitely something I’ll be doing-it just means it’s okay for me to not stay up to the mad hours of the morning in a rush to get it done xD and can instead work through the week and observe what parts of the project take me how long, etc :).
            Thanks a lot for the response, I look forward to hopefully putting forward an entry ^^!

            • sclark39 says:

              I love the miniLDs for this reason. I can’t always commit to the 48hr weekend jam (which ends up really only being about 16-20hrs of work), but I can normally squeeze out 20-40 hours over a week to participate in a mini LD. :)

  2. jthistle says:

    Might take part, not sure if I can. Love the story though :)

  3. Helkios says:

    Well Iam in! first LD EVAR so me and my sister will try to cook a nice thingy gamey thingy for y’all

    that is all. Good day Ladies and Gents.

  4. r2d2upgrade says:

    I like how one of the tags for this post is “squirrels”

    Jokes aside, this has given me the push to prepare.
    I don’t want to be a purple skwiwal :3

  5. IguanodonT says:

    I am going to enter my first Lundum Dare, and so I think doing the MiniLD is a good idea, but I have one question. Are text-based games acceptable, either Interactive Fiction or Adventure Text games?

  6. BlackFox says:

    Soo, when we can submit, how does one do so? XD Sorry I’m new to this haha

  7. KayZ says:

    I think I’ll participate and freely interpret the theme as PrePURRration and reuse some of the code used in this thing:
    I hope it’ll be as funny as in my head right now :).

  8. Johnman says:

    Oh, I’m going to do this. I think it’s my first time doing a warmup.

  9. cyrus says:

    Hi everyone, I’m Chris and I’m new to Ludum Dare. Never finished a game before, and this sounds like a good motivation to do exactly that. I thought I would give this MiniLD a try, and maybe then do the full LD in December.

    Anything I should know except the Jam rules?


    • ajayajayaj says:

      This is just a practice for the real Ludum Dare. So, try to make it as realistic as possible to warmup!

    • TheGrieve says:

      One great thing to try during this weekend is to be mindful of where you are spending your time; do you lose hours perfecting that one sprite? Or wander off in code trying to solve one little chunk of pathfinding? Do you bury your nose in documentation? Or spend a whole day making title music?

      Doesn’t really matter, and no balance of time is “right”, but knowing more about where you find yourself spinning your wheels can help you a lot!

      Also, a healthy sleep schedule and having fun is a must.

      • cyrus says:

        I made it! And you’re right, I would never have imagined all the details that can go wrong and that will cost precious time. I wanted to make title music and sound effects for the game, but I never had enough time =/ still, I’m happy with the result πŸ˜‰

  10. solkar says:

    My entries have had more or less success but I always fail in the blogging/reporting/interacting-with-humans thing. I will try to PREPARE for that.

  11. Blooker says:

    I saw that we’re allowed to enter our games any time between now and next Monday. I’ve been working on my game for a few days now, but I see no one else posting updates on their games for Mini LD entries. When do we start charting progress? I have a few gifs I’d like to show off.

  12. jhice says:


    Will be there tomorrow (see my post from today).

    For the MiniLD I got the idea last night – not sleeping well searching for ideas – to make a game called β€œPrepare… to RACE!”. The goal of the game will be to prepare a formula one car before the race, adjusting elements like tyres or engine according to the weather, the track, and other parameters. After the start, computed cars will race with you and the best will win.

    I hope to be efficient (hard to get ^^) and have fun!

    • Grieve says:

      I like this idea! I was thinking of making a strategic game of plinko where you have to open and close gates prior to dropping to coins (could be re-stylised as flood management/prevention). But now I’m tempted to (re/de)make Bill’s Tomato Game, because I loved it so damn much as a kid and fits this theme perfectly.

      • jhice says:

        Being a fan of Psygnosis games (who did’nt ?!) I totally ignored Bill’s Tomato Game (just looked at it right now on Youtube). I agree with you it fits perfectly this theme and you know what, I had a prototype (coded in AMOS on Amiga 500) being a mix of Spherical (and Solomon’s Key) and Lemmings, in fact reminds me Bill’s Tomato. The goal was to bring the sphere to an exit by placing blocks that adds functionnality to the sphere (parachute) or to the map (teleport). The game was never finished :p

        Will you stream tomorrow ? So I can see what choice you’ve made πŸ˜‰

  13. florg says:

    Hi everyone,

    we’ll be attending our first Ludum Dare as a team of three – oh… and of course where in :)

    We’re having music & sounds, UI graphics, in game graphics, development and overall handholding split up between the three of us.

    The theme for our game will be (*ahem*):
    “Prepare for Battle: Santa Clause Vs. Kim Kardashian”
    (We hope to make it both fun and funny)

    Tools we’ll be using:

    – Unity & Mono Develop (free version)

    – GIMP
    – Photoshop

    – SFXR
    – Ableton
    – Reason

    Really excited to finally be on board and wishing all of you the best luck!

  14. SK16 Games says:

    soo… I’m in I guess… Maybe…

  15. Blooker says:

    Where are the upload links for this?

  16. bunnyhero says:

    how long will the submit link be up? i.e. in what time zone does the jam end? thank you.

  17. florg says:

    If you like you can check out our early stage prototype at – wishing you a productive sprint!

  18. 25games says:

    We’re in! Do I have to say “I/We are in” to be part of the MiniLD, or is it just “for fun”? Sorry, we’re new to LD πŸ˜‰

    Here’s what we created:
    Even though we started a few days ago, the overall dev time was about 20h – so pretty manageable within 2 days.

  19. jhice says:


    I failed finishing my game “Prepare to race” in 2 days. I worked only 1,5 day on 28/29th. Got some cars following the track but that’s all. When does close the submit for MiniLD ?

  20. cowleyj says:

    Do these get judged or any biz like that?

  21. jhice says:

    Submitted too!

    Was hard to get there but well, was nice to do it and get ready for LD!

  22. LuisRamosM says:

    This will be my first time on LD. What should i do to let participate, i know i have to do a game but should it be submited on the webpage or what? Please help me

    • Grieve says:

      Hey Luis! This page was for the MiniLD, if you have made a game for it then submit with the link above! MiniLDs are held in the months in between normal LD competitions for fun. If you want to enter the main LD competition, it starts this weekend, have a look at the details on the front page, and read the FAQ (

      Have fun and good luck!

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