Ludum Deals for LD31 [11]

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November 1st, 2014 12:02 am

Deals! Here is this LD’s list of offers, bargains and other things.


  • AGK App Game KitCross Platform Game Development SuiteFREE (reg $59.99) for Ludum Dare! Click this link to add a Free Copy to your shopping cart. Offer valid until January 1st!
  • GameCreatorCross Platform Drag+Drop Web-based Game Creator – Access to Premium Features including More Storage and Full Analytics for Ludum Dare weekend and the 3 weeks of voting. Use promo code Ludumdare31 after registration.
  • PlayCanvas3D Collaborative HTML5 game dev platform – Get a 12 month Pro account, worth $180, for free if you submit a game to Ludum Dare using the PlayCanvas development platform. Email with your username and a link to your finished game.
  • CraftStudioCooperative Game Making Platform – Free Week for Ludum Dare 31! Get access to all the premium features starting Friday November 28th!
  • Unity ProCross Platform 3D Game Creation Suite – Starting Thursday at 1:00 UTC (about 8 PM EST, or roughly 2 days before Ludum Dare), visit this page for a Unity Pro code good until January 4th, 2015.
  • Unreal Engine 4Cross Platform 3D Game Engine – We’ve got Unreal Engine codes good for 90 days of FREE access! Wow! Reg: $19/mo. Go to and create an account (or sign in to your existing one). Then visit this page to request a code. You can redeem the code by logging in to the Unreal Engine website, and going here.

Content Creation

  • Pixexix ProProjection Painting Tool – Get Pixexix Pro for 50% off ($15).
  • Pickle EditorSprite and Animation Editor – 25% off (Reg $24.99) with coupon code LD31. Click here to add to cart.
  • Pixel Maker PROPixel Art Painting Tool for Android – Get Pixel Maker PRO for 50% off ($1.99).

Unity Asset Store

  • cInputUser control customization – 50% off starting November 25th. More Info

Game Maker Asset Store

  • kbinput – Custom Input for GameMaker. Reg $4.99 on for $1.99.
  • Yoyogames Marketplace code assets, graphics, shaders and more for Game maker

If you’d like to submit your own deal, you can post details and a link in the comments below, or send me an e-mail. Keep in mind I don’t have a lot of time, but if you need a confirmation or just to ping me once it’s posted, go ahead and mail me. When I have a chance I’ll add it to the list.

Also it MUST be relevant to what we do here (i.e. make games).

42 Responses to “Ludum Deals for LD31 [11]”

  1. oranebeast says:

    I’m happy that we now accept GameMaker resources. Good on you guys!

  2. Deozaan says:

    cInput, a custom input manager for Unity, will be offered at a discount to celebrate LD31!

    • kburkhart84 says:

      Yup, just bought it. I designed something very similar to CInput, but for GMStudio, so I know what you went through to create this. Some people simply don’t understand the need for easy input configuration like we do :) I’m not sure how much actual use I’ll get out of your asset, but at that price, it’s worth it.

  3. Pixexix is 50% off again, it will stay that way till December 20th

    Sale price is $15, Free version is still free if anyone wants to try before buying :)

  4. Elisée says:

    Once again, CraftStudio, my cubic game-making platform (with optional real-time cooperative editing if you’re a team!) will be free-to-use, this time for 12 days, starting Friday 28th and until after Ludum Dare ends.


    It features drag’n’drop scripting as well as good old Lua. It packs a cubic model editor, a voxel map editor, a scene editor à la Unity and various other things including a physics engine. Note though that it doesn’t have any dynamic lighting capabilities.

    Various people have used it successfully for Ludum Dare. I wrote a post regarding the latest CraftStudio game I made with friends for the “Beneath the Surface” LD, Inspector Badass:

  5. cadin says:

    You can save 25% on the Pickle pixel editor by using the coupon code ‘LD31′:

    Enter the code on the last page of the checkout process,
    or use this link to apply the coupon automatically:

    (Coupon is good through December 8)

  6. Tesrym says:

    Just pointing out that “visit this page for a Unity Pro code good until January 4th, 2015.” is a lie, and just takes you to their normal download site.
    My “Activate a free 30-day trial of pro”-button remains disabled.

  7. Boberro says:

    Anyone knows if this Unity key will work just once or if I can install it on my both computers without fake email machinations?

  8. Mikea says:

    awesome! I’ve activated Unity Pro 😀 Prepare for gaming :)

  9. kburkhart84 says:

    I have created an extension/scripts for custom input for Gamemaker Studio. It has features for making custom input easy to design in your games, including quick and easy ways to get said input states(currently pressed, just pressed, just released, how long has been pressed), and joystick(DInput and XInput) axes/buttons as well. The catch is that it depends on GML, so if you don’t know any GML it probably won’t be useful, though it is very little GML you have to know to actually use it.

    It is currently on sale for $1.99(originally $4.99). You can pick it up on the marketplace.

    I’m active on the GMC forums, and you can e-mail for support if you need to as well.

  10. vividhelix says:

    My Android pixel art editor (Pixel Maker) will be $1.99 – 50% off the final price – during this ludum dare:

  11. grid says:

    Awesome! The unreal deal just saved me $57!

  12. KeinBaum says:

    I always wanted to try UE4. Half a day of preparation is a bit short though.

    I’ll also leave this bit of info here: Unreal Engine 4 is free for students:

  13. wccrawford says:

    Wow, I’m really impressed with the UE4 deal. Thanks!

  14. TwixtorTitan says:

    UE4 deal not working? When i press “get a code” this is displayed: Result: Unable to assign code

  15. liumingod says:

    UE4 deal not working

  16. Doaxan says:

    Unfortunately, I could not get the code to UE4 :(

  17. IgIzzy says:

    Epic is doing it up, I hope that they donate some more codes!

  18. Fortyseven says:

    I happened to be up for the UE4 deal because I was up early waiting to watch the Orion launch. Lucked into it, basically. Greatly appreciated! I’ve been wanting to give UE4 a go for a while now, but being out of work, my budget is really tight, so I couldn’t really justify it. While I’ll still be using Unity for LD31, hopefully now I can give UE4 a shot for LD32. Have to see how it goes. :)

    Thank you!

  19. mocker says:

    Looks like UE4 codes are back! Just grabbed one, had already bought a subscription to get into it so this is awesome. I never really liked Unity that much but seemed like everyone was using them so happy to have a solid alternative

  20. Sylvain Dubrofsky says:

    UE codes gone

  21. Leaghorn says:

    What is the deal with Unity Pro? If I currently have an app in google play, that I made in Unity Free, and I regulary update it, would I be able to build it and update it using this Unity Pro license? I want to make Game for LD, and I would like to try Pro Unity, but if it makes impossible to update my game made in Free Unity then thanks for that Pro License. If I could use this Pro license to normally build and publish my game though, great, I could make and update without Unity splash screen.

    Could somebody shed some light on that matter? I would like to try Pro but I dont want to mess up my Unity so I could not update my game for a month.

  22. water2112 says:

    Unreal Engine codes already ran out :(

    Should’ve got early to have one :(

  23. freaknarf says:

    i just get a free AGK through Ludum Dare deals… THANK YOU ! 😀

  24. wer2chosen says:

    Pickle editor is now coming up with error that LD31 is not a valid code, so you may want to remove the link to them.

  25. hafo says:

    Hi there,

    At WiMi5 we offer 10.000 players for your game if you create it using WiMi5.

    Check out our new HTML5 game platform that allows you to create HTML5 games just by drag&drop, using visual scripting.

    Drop us a message if you want to get the 10k players or use our contact section. :)

  26. DEO COSTA says:

    estou querendo colocar este jogo no MiniLD #33 e não tô conseguindo achar um link para posta-lo.

    O ano é 2055.
    Os humanos estão colonizando outros planetas.
    A Terra tem uma colônia de humanos no planeta DiamantiumRed, porém uma raça de Aliens (Malvons) também querem este planeta, por isso estão sempre em constante ataque contra os humanos que ali vivem.
    Você deve assumir o papel de defensor do planeta.
    No início de cada missão você receberá a informação de quanto tempo você terá que sobreviver, pois se você sobreviver ao tempo estipulado você receberá ajuda do planeta Terra.
    OBS.: Cada ciclo no jogo é igual a 1 minuto.

    Suas armas:
    Um carro tanque que possui um poderoso canhão.
    Quando a missão for no espaço o seu carro se transformará em uma nave.

    Plataforma: Game Maker 8.0

    Gênero: Jogo no estilo Arcade onde você precisa sobreviver por um determinado tempo para passar de fase.
    Setas e (A,W,D,S) – movimenta o tanque e a nave
    Mouse – atira e direciona o tiro
    Space – somente atira

    Boa sorte –

  27. MrPhil says: a clunky tool that makes really great tiles with seamless edges from photographs etc. Use discount code LD34 for 25% off.

    Please note it doesn’t work on Windows 10 (stupid Microsoft breaking things.)

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