Remember Divernaut?

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October 30th, 2014 10:06 am


Remember “Beneath the Surface”? Remember Divernaut? Well I’ve been working on turning my Ludum Dare entry into the game I feel it deserves to be. Introducing: SUPER DIVERNAUT! (the hype is real) Super Divernaut is the same concept and general mechanics from the original being remade as a roguelite. You’ve crash-landed and are at the bottom of the ocean. Find your crashed ship so you can send a distress signal and get rescued. What? There’s a wall blocking your path and your suit’s pressurization won’t let you swim up to get over it? Better go beneath the surface into and underwater cave beneath the wall, place some explosives (you found them, okay?) and take that wall down. Rinse and repeat through a series of procedurally generated levels and areas, throw in an army of scary sea monsters and critters (and a few friendly ocean dwellers to help you out), gameplay mechanic switching (play the original, you’ll understand), and add a gang of bosses and you’ve a long road ahead to safety.

As mentioned, it’s very work-in-progress, but I’m far enough along that I had to share with the wonderful event community I built this game for in the first place. We’ll have a playable concept demo soon. Stay tuned!

Super Divernaut


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  1. anthonyfielding says:

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