October Challenge: Change of plans

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October 29th, 2014 1:34 pm

Today is the day I realize that 2 days isn’t enough to finish my game and sell it. I just had too little time to work on it. It’s mainly because of school, it’s pretty hard sometimes(effort) and it requires much time.

If I am going to sell a game, it must be good. I am not selling a half-finished buggy game that is not fun. I always imagine like my game is going to be reviewed by the AVGN.
The next question is what is good. What I call good is a fun game, that’s designed & progrmmed with care. Like most of the games here.

I am not abandoning my game. No. I want to release it. That’s why I am doing this October Challenge. “Make and release a game!” That’s why I came up with a plan with three phases:

  1. The publish phase (2 october – 31 october)
    This is the phase where the game gets made. This one is free, playable, fun. But not the end product, it’s not good enough to set it for sell.
    This is rougly the current test version with the stupid things removed.
    Halloween will be the release date!
  2. The release phase (1 november – 15 november(?))
    In this phase I’ll add more gameplay to the game, fix bugs, add more stuff, etc. I’ll set it for sale then. Then it’s somewhat finished.
    More “buildings” are added, headquarter is finished, things are finetuned, more enemies…
  3. The finetuning phase (15 november – ???)
    In this phase I’ll just work on the game, while it’s actually released. For example: Planetary Annihilation is finished, but there are still people working on it and adding some features ‘n stuff.
    After this phase, the game is done. It’s finished now.
    So this will be just improving things and add moar stuff! 😀

Of course this is just a plan, my old plan didn’t work either! 😛
So yeah, I’ve lost the October Challenge. But I just don’t want to sell some crappy game just because a challenge is forcing me to it.

Okay. So expect to see me delevering some work the next few weeks! For the one dollar!


(Excuse me for my bad english over here. I am dyslectic and it’s late for my feeling)

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  1. holgk says:

    I problably have to admit that I won’t make it in time, too. It’s funny because I have the same schedule in mind as you mentioned in your article. But this challenge taught me that sometimes the journey is the reward. And as long as you publish the game I think you didn’t lost the october challenge at all. Because you made a game in a short time and actually earned money by selling it. And that’s how I understand the intention of october challenge. If you made a money by selling a single copy of your game you are a “professional” game developer. And how cool is that! 😀

  2. oOElitezOo says:

    Actually nice strategies joppiesaus, totally not worth it because of a challenge.

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