The october challenge so far

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October 24th, 2014 9:35 am

I am doing the October Challenge this year! I like it so far.

Arround the middle of september, I came up with an idea for a top-down multiplayer boxing game. I started to work on it a little (with the idea in my head “Maybe October Challenge?”), but then the first day of october I realized it was boring and I wasn’t motivated enough.

Then I came up with a idea for a real-time defense game(when I later realized it’s a little like One Wall), and I started working on it but I couldn’t spend as much time I wanted because of school. I had much motivation thought. I wanted to push out a public beta-crap edition wednesday the 15th, but school and real life came in my way again. I got vacation which you would expect to work more on the game, but I had to go to many places. After the vacation, I had to “refresh” my mind again and it felt really weird to abandon my game for a few days. I felt like I should finish it. I also got the feeling like “how am I going to release this?”

Yeah. I am 15 and I feel like I am not a game-designer-programmer-professional-super-nerd-that-has-awesome-games. My goal was(and still) to release a game and make some money out of it, since I clearly have no job but I still have the urge to buy things.

I am wondering if anyone would buy my game. I don’t know if people like the game because it’s fun, I better hope so even thought I made the graphics in MS Paint and the game isn’t that original. To be honest, I rarely buy games(I rarely buy anything because of the money). I only pay for awesome games.

Now the trouble is to actually release it. I hope halloween will be my date, I only need to make it playable and then choose the humble bundle or, then it should be done(I am not saying I won’t work on it after it’s release! :D).

October challenge something something screenshot_20-10-2014_tick_724830

A screenshot taken while programming the spawn system for the weird enemys. Yes those are evil hamburgers. (taken October 20th)


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  1. Mallot1 says:

    Very Nice! Great Job 😀

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