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October 20th, 2014 1:07 pm

First off, I’m already getting excited at the prospect of LD31, it seems to have come around so soon!

I’m new to Unity, and have got the latest version installed (as well as Blender) and was wondering if anyone knows any good resources to help me get a bit further in 3D or 2D and learn in a bit more precise way than the (very helpful) video tutorials that Unity provides. I’m not an absolute beginner as I know a tiny bit about C# and the basics of Unity. Any help would be appreciated as I’m hoping to use Unity for LD31 instead of Pygame (which was one of my most painful and long-winded game programming experiences).

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  1. Geckoo1337 says:

    In fact if I should recommend to you a list of good tutorial, first at all, I wanna talk about GTGD. maybe it’s not a good idea because these tutorials explore the NetCode and it seems to me you need before “to waste you time and energy” in order to understand the basic. Maybe you can see some tutorials on YouTube thinking that it a good way. And when you will feel skilled, try to find some examples on GitHub. This is my advice. Good luck and see you later for the LD31 ++

  2. holgk says:

    I recommend to realise a game idea. Watching videos is a good thing but the real deal is to work with your tools. Sometimes it’s sounds silly but start with something simple like Pong, Tetris or a pinball game. The documentation of Unity is quite well. If you have a problem, take a look at the forum of Unity. I would guess most of your problems are already asked by someone else.

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