Ignis – score aftermath

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September 16th, 2014 8:25 am

Ignis score:

#140 91% Graphics 3.88
#179 90% Theme 3.76
#363 76% Overall 3.40
#552 64% Innovation 3.16
#564 63% Mood 2.98
#578 62% Fun 3.02
#581 61% Humor 2.28
#674 65% Audio 2.48

-The good-

I knew the graphics are gonna be my game’s strong point, around 30% of the time was spent on graphics, either coding or designing. People liked the intro screen and reflection effect a lot.

It took me around 2 hours to brainstorm the idea of the reflected world platformer. In my mind it suited the nature of the theme really well, in the end I was sure I could make a game out of it. This was another part of my game I relied on the most.

I polished as much as I could, maybe even went a bit overboard. I believe this score could’ve been higher if I had time to make a music track or two. People liked the concept very much.

Considering how hard the game turned out to be I expected an even lower rating after getting some feedback. At first I wanted it to be hard since the time constraint wouldn’t let me make many fun levels, but in the end it made the game much less approachable. Apparently people quit far too early and didnt even give the game a closer look. At least 4 people who left a reply didn’t even bother to notice the main game mechanic being the reflection part of the level, thus leaving comments like “it’s buggy” or “Really love the reflection, but couldn’t get anywhere to experience what it does”. In the end I learned the best thing a game can have is approachability.

-The bad-

Obviously opting in for a platformer killed this score a bit. I still feel the reflection part of the game is fairly neat, however I think it could’ve been pulled off much better if I had the time to do so. I believe I tried to do too much for a 48 hour competition.

Mood and Humor:
I wasn’t doing much to immerse a player in the game. Ignis has nothing to offer when it comes to storywriting, it feels like an arcade game with non-developed character.

The game only has around 5-6 sounds and no BGM. I was introduced to the tools people use to make music for jams like this only after the submission period. I expected this, and now I learned what to do in the future.

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