Results for Ludum Dare 30

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September 15th, 2014 7:56 pm

And with that, our 30th event has ended. Here are the results:

How did I do?

You can view your results here:

My Results:

The individual category results are just above your comments.

Top 100 Games

Check out winning competition and jam games here:

Compo Top 100:
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Winners are decided by the Overall category.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Category Winners

Here at Ludum Dare, being the best overall game isn’t the only way to win. Games are rated in 7 additional categories, with a special “Coolness” category highlighting people that went above and beyond to be sure you got a vote.

Categorical Top 25’s:

*NOTE*: You can click on the titles of the categories for Top 100 lists per category.


Sorceress organized a survey! You can check out the results here.

Ludum Dare 31 – Coming December 5th-8th 2014!

We’ve got one more event left this year, our big Winter event in December! Follow us on Twitter or join the mailing list to stay informed.

The Future of Ludum Dare

If you were linked directly here, you missed out on a VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO from me, talking about the future of Ludum Dare. Go check it out! Only two minutes of your time (plus 30 seconds). Thanks!

Thanks again everyone for making Ludum Dare great!

– Mike Kasprzak (PoV)

21 Responses to “Results for Ludum Dare 30”

  1. sol_hsa says:

    Don’t forget to grab your badges from

    There’s badges for (almost) everyone, regardless of how you placed.

  2. Septi says:

    I seem to have a little problem. I can’t see any results at all. There’s Coolness, but there are no other categories. Did we do so bad noone at all bothered to rate our game? :(

    The game page is here:

    • miwuc says:

      I’m afraid you didn’t get enough ratings. You need at least 20 to be ranked, which you can get easily by rating 20 games. Sorry if were not aware of that, it must be pretty disappointing.

      • Septi says:

        Do you mean I need at least 20 in coolness or that I need at least one of them to be at twenty?

        Yes, I wasn’t aware and it feels very unfair, the last time I made a submission I have failed to rate games as well, but did receive my ratings all right :(

        • miwuc says:

          You need at least 20 people rating your game. Otherwise you could have a game winning where only one person rated it but thought it was great. How do you get people to rate your game? By rating games, which increases your coolness, which makes your game show up on the “play and rate” page.
          Look at the “IMPORTANT NOTE” at the bottom of your game’s page. It might not be the best place to put this information, but it’s too late now anyway. I hope you enter again next time!

          • Septi says:

            Thanks for clearing it up!

            Well, literally years passed and I have still not noticed the IMPORTANT NOTE :(

            I have actually noticed people commented a lot more for the first few days and always wondered why…

      • Septi says:

        In addition, I can’t find anything about this in the rules (

        I’m sorry about not rating games – I didn’t intend it to be like this, but it so happened that I have expended a lot of time and energy in the competition, and so took a long while to recover (e.g. had to skip one day off at the following weekend as well). After it was more or less back to normal, honestly, I just forgot I should rate anything (though I did play a number of games in this time).

        We know we can’t expect any sort of fame and praise for this little game, but quantified ratings was one of the most important things we were going after. We want to know if it really scored any good at all on “Fun”, as well as on others. Is there any way at all to see ratings at least privately?

        It fills incredibly disappointing to not receive them after all the effort invested :(

        • George says:

          In the rules somewhere it says you must rate at least 20 other games to have a chance of being judged

          • Septi says:

            No, it doesn’t. In fact, the number “20” is mentioned only as part of the year (2010 etc.) and the word “twenty” isn’t there. The judging section is very concise, it doesn’t mention that you may be not judged. As for the coolness, it says:

            > In addition to the above, there is a special category Coolness. All participants are eligible to place on the Coolness chart; The more games you play and rate, the higher your score.

            Nothing about it being required.

          • Septi says:

            Or does this mean that *all* other ratings (graphics, fun, etc.) are below 20 as well?

        • Will Edwards says:

          You need 20 people to rate your game. Its that simple. And its mentioned in the IMPORTANT NOTICE when you submit your game. You know for next time.

          It always saddens me when people don’t rate and don’t comment. Rating and commenting is as important as entering, and shows appreciation to everyone else who *also* put in the hours and made the game and achieved something they could share!

          I rated over 80 games, and got over 300 to rate me (by heavy handed self promotion on the LD blog here), and yet I had not SEEN the winning entry! So I’ve been and played it now.

          There are thousands of games you haven’t played yet, and at 48hr * 2000 that’s OVER 10 MAN YEARS of other people’s effort you can go enjoy!

          I’ll look out for your entry LD31, but you have to look out for yourself and rate others too.

          • miwuc says:

            Your game was a great idea, but if I may say I, your self promotion was a little *too* heavy handed. I for one got sick of seeing “after you rate ***my game***” on the front page every other day.

            • Will Edwards says:

              Yeah I got tired of promoting it too. People did ping to say they appreciated stats and mosaics or what not but got tedious making all that stuff.

              It always pains me that so many autopsies and posts sail down the front page unloved. I almost always click the heart on all posts simply if it seems the poster took effort.

          • I have to side with Septi here. I always assumed the 20 votes thing was a suggested minimum, not the amount you needed to get a rating. “If you want to place in the final results, you NEED votes. The easiest way to get votes is by rating other games. Judging lasts for 3 weeks following the end of Ludum Dare. For best effect, rate 20 games as soon as possible. Rating more games is encouraged.” If it just said something like “IMPORTANT: Please note that you need at least 20 votes to place in the final results. The easiest way to receive votes is to vote for other people’s games,” I think there wouldn’t be any confusion on this point.

            To prevent situations like this in the future, in the last few days of the jam, the page should be set to show the games with the fewest ratings by default.

            • rvmook says:

              That’s what the coolness factor is for. People who deserve votes are highest on the list.
              If you haven’t rated a single game why would you deserve votes?

              It sucks that you’re not placed, but it also sucks that you didn’t play a single game yourself.

              Playing, rating and giving feedback is equally important as creating a game.

              • Septi says:

                > If you haven’t rated a single game why would you deserve votes?

                Because I made a game in three days? The whole thing is more about making games and less about playing them.

                > it also sucks that you didn’t play a single game yourself

                Sorry if it came across this way. I played a number of games (I admit not many though), but didn’t rate them. I was lucky not to come across games that would suck enough for me to drop all ones and leave. Quite the opposite, all I have seen deserve a five in at least one category, so I wanted also to make at least a short comment on some games. I bookmarked the games I played and moved on until the real life would supposedly let go of me for a little while.

                And here I am.

                > To prevent situations like this in the future, in the last few days of the jam, the page should be set to show the games with the fewest ratings by default.

                Can’t agree more.

                The coolness as an exclusive factor for getting ratings would make a good “don’t forget about marketing” message, if only the IMPORTANT NOTE explaining the rules wasn’t first seen in a tiny footnote when you are:

                – In a hurry (because you are submitting in the last minutes to fix as many bugs as possible)
                – Exhausted (because you were working for 2-3 full days, maybe even having an all-nighter)
                – And just when the “real life” is about to make a violent comeback (because you aren’t in the middle of vacation, so being exhausted at the start of the week means the whole next week will be twice as hard).

                Ah, if it only was mentioned in the rules section that you carefully read in a calm environment right before the start – even if you have read them four times already, just to be sure. Instead, it expains coolness as:

                > In addition to the above, there is a special category Coolness. All participants are eligible to place on the Coolness chart; The more games you play and rate, the higher your score.

                Which I personally read as “if you are nice and rate other games you’ll get bonus score which will also affect your overall rating”, not “to get your game seen, you MUST rate other games”. By the way, a boost to overall rating is incentive enough IMHO, not getting your own ratings (even privately, for reflection) is way too harsh.

                All that said, I’m totally going to participate in the next Ludum Dare (barring special circumstances). Lesson learned, and I’m going to rate other games too. I just wish the lesson didn’t cost so much.

              • Septi says:

                Oh, and I’m going to man up and next time will ask my boss for an extra day off for post-ludum-dare recovery 😀

  3. shico says:

    I am extremely disappointed. This has been my first Ludum dare and it was here I made my first game, this will be my LAST Ludum dare, and here is why:

    Everyone who played my game and left a comment said the game was good, but my results say that when it came to rating my game isn’t even average in a single category. I worked hard on my game and it is a good game, sure the web port has a few bugs like the fact that it plays in a 1080p frame forcing you to zoom out to see the whole thing, but it was my first step into game development, and I did it alone. I was proud of my game so I played and voted for plenty of other games so my game would be seen by more people, but I don’t even think half of the people who rated my game even played it.

    The Ludum Dare encourages participants to rate their competition’s games, and rewards them based on how many games they rated for as well how well their ratings compare with other people. This system rewards people for rapidly giving other games bad ratings, which effectively lower the competition’s rating and boosts their “coolness” at the same time.

    I was looking forward to seeing the results of this competition, but now I regret even bothering to check. Who ever came up with the current rating system should be ashamed. Good luck to any future participants, because how lucky you are is the only factor deciding if someone will play your game before they rate it.

    • Will Edwards says:

      Half the games are below average. Think about it. Then take a look at the winners. Do you, deep in your heart, think your game is half way to them? They are veterans for the most part.

      People don’t vote on effort put in. They vote on first impressions. They always will, and my entries have always suffered from that, as I am an overactive underachiever myself too.

      The whole LD is an honour system. You have to be honourable and not pre-make a game, not use pre-made assets in a 48hr game, and actually play and rate games honourably. Think about it from a Bruce Schneier angle: there’s no liability and there never will.

      I crunched mean-time-between-comment stats and couldn’t find serial raters-without-players.

    • Tosic says:

      Same for me, but I ain’t givin’ up, man, I am getting better and better and eventually I might just well get into top 100 ( and so will you if you don’t give up ), so stop being negative and try again the next LD, you will do better!
      Besides I randomly picked games and they were mostly below average, so don’t worry 😀

  4. gillenew says:

    It was very exciting this competition, I had never participated before and enjoyed too much.
    I’ll definitely be in the next :)

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