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September 12th, 2014 12:18 pm

Everybody seems to be using some wise-sounding latin shit for their titles so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. My creative process was generally divided into six phases, each of which can be shortened to a quote banging in my head back then so that’s how I’m going to present them:

Phase #1, Saturday morning
“Am I going to make a sequel to The Last of Us or would Uncharted be enough?”

Oh the horror of coming up with an idea. Using my previous experience, I decided to distinguish three main ideas I may have and then THROW THEM ALL TO SHIT. Because that’s exactly what the other billion people thought. Not being the fan of the theme (by the way, everybody hates it so who the hell voted for it, eh?), I decided to just go wild and think something so absurdly over the top that it be interesting in itself. And so the idea of bacon strips starting an uprising against humans to be a pig once again was born.

Phase #2, most of Saturday until evening
“Which will look better on the walls of the yacht I’ll buy with the money from my masterpiece – pounds or dollars?”

I did pretty much nothing, watching track and field and shit. Cause I got this, right? All is right in the world.

Phase #3, Saturday late evening and night
“What’s the meaning of life?”

It struck me. There were overwhelming piles of stuff to be done and as soon as something was done, the other went to hell. The most creative phase cause some 50% of the ideas changed labels from “crucial to the project” to “you know what? Fuck it”. Finished the first of the four minigames you’re playing and started to lay the foundations for the second one. All using placeholders cause I’ll have plenty of time to do graphics the next day, ain’t I? OK, so lemme just polish the second minigame a bit mo… BAM, 5 AM ON THE CLOCK BITCH, SCRAM TO YOUR BED YOU DUMB FUCK, CHOP CHOP.

Phase #4, Sunday morning till ~2PM
“Which is less painful – a razor or a handful of pills?”

Zombie right from the morning. Devastated by how much of everything is still untouched. Yet another 25% of things get thrown to garbage cause there is no way I’ll be able to finish them. Think about quitting every five minutes, stop counting after the nine thousandth idea to give up and decide to force myself through it and see where it leads. The second minigame is finished, the third starts to look like a game.

Phase #5, Sunday afternoon

Power through the remainig minigames, the penalties for making mistakes set to more or less random and non-consistent figures. What was meant to be a candidate for Venus de Milo of our times is a steaming pile of shit fixed to a humpback whale using duct tape and bonobo monkeys. Fire up Illustrator and get to graphics. Fuck the menus, lemme make them in one minute. The art looks inconsistent as can be, combining smooth vector edges of bacon strips and ugly tiled background but I don’t have time for this, let’s just pack it all together… YEAH RIGHT MOTHERFUCKER, WHAT ABOUT THE SOUND. Fire up Garage Band and make something souding bearably to fill the silence. OK, ready to pack it up again – I think…

Phase #6, Sunday evening
“At least it works”

That’s pretty much the whole thought process after being able to finally submit. The whole process was painful as fuck, the results but a mere percent of what I wanted them to be but it works so hey – that’s something!


Hope you enjoyed the honest poste restante. If you wish to check out what came out of this fight, remember to check out The Bacon Uprising:

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