Post-Jam version + Mac and Linux Builds !

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September 12th, 2014 7:26 am

Hello all, we took some time to improve our game a bit !

We added support for Mac and Linux, but so far we were not able to test these versions. Still no Web version as we used the Unity 4.6 beta…

It now has a fancy… Start Menu! With Options that allows you to switch between English and French (some texts will remain in english even if you pick French, sorry ^^ )


And it moves too !

More dialogues and cool portraits for characters, it should be much more pleasant to read !

Combat is less buggy!


While I’m at it I should explain the combat a bit as there’s no tutorial… The enemies are whether made of METAL or WOOD. You have to use the Opposite ‘Nerf Riff’¬† to weaken them and then smash them with the Attack !

Example :

  • The first combat is against a WOOD enemy.
  • You must weaken him with the Nerf Riff of the Metal Head ( the [7] Key ).
  • While he’s weaken you can Attack with the Acoustic Guitar Guy ( the [1] Key ).
  • Do the opposite against¬† a METAL enemy (weaken with [2] and attack with [6]). Your characters can heal each others with the [3] and [8] keys.

All keyboard keys must be hit on the first beat to be efficient. That’s when the purple bar touches the top of the buttons. The preciser your timing is the more powerful the effect will be!

Will you be able to defeat the BOSS ?

screen10Play and rate here :

One last thing. If you don’t get how to start a fight, you must speak with the enemies with both characters. When one characters says “What’s the other guy doing? I can’t fight him by myself…” you have to finish the dialogue with the other character. Or just hit Space once the dialogue has started with both characters if you want to skip directly to combat !

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