Onanigan :: Post-Mortem ::

Posted by (twitter: @matnesis)
September 11th, 2014 9:46 pm

My objective was a platform game where you are able to walk everywhere, like a spider, like a mountain climber. You jump and get hooked to the wall, the gravity always pushing down (as usual).

The mechanic took me a lot of time and between coding & testing I did get pretty good at it. And this was part of the problem, getting good at my game somehow blind me about how other players would adapt.

Also, even when I did try to teach the player with design, I was not good enough, the game gets pretty hard pretty fast. This plus the learning curve plus some little bugs makes the gameplay unfinished.

But, I love this game, it’s my 5th Ludum Dare entry, my 5th game ever, and as a prototype I believe I can polish and design a better version (I have a big list of ideas also). You are invited to watch the playthrough or play the game! Thanks for reading this!

PLAY & RATE ONANIGAN (web win mac lin)

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