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September 10th, 2014 6:56 am

Screen01Ludum Dare 30

This was my second Ludum Dare so this time I felt a lot more confident that I knew what I was getting myself into. Once the theme was announced I struggled coming up with different ideas and wasted most of the first day just deciding on how I was going to use the theme.

After about 8hrs I finally came up with the idea of an intergalactic dating show with characters from all over the universe competing to find a connection with the Bachelor. The name zanlings match came pretty quick and once I had designed the title screen it really helped with figuring out the look of the game. I wanted to keep the colour count low and bright so I decided on the yellow, white, black and pink.

The second day was alot more productive because I woke up knowing what I needed to do. I started designing all the characters I needed, setting up the dating show layout and working on the code. Once I had programmed the game to be played all the way through from start to finish I was able to move onto the music (the area I have least experience). I wanted something to do with love and otherworldly and with the help of audacity and some singing I was able to get something I ended up really happy with.



Time was running out but I wanted to do separate endings depending on which contestant you ended up with so I quickly sketched the look I wanted and then with the final minutes went back and polished it and submitted. After being awake for the last 25 hours I crashed out and was pretty happy with what I had achieved.


I’ve had great feedback with my dating game and was even mentioned in a joystiq article which was a nice surprise.

My favourite review though was from Snoother “I’m not quite sure how to advertise this one. A weird dating show simulator where you may end up marrying a towering pink blob monster. Wait, that’s not quite it. A carefully stylised romance that will amuse, touch and perplex. Slightly better. But not perfect. Just go play it — trust me.”

Also check out Snoother‘s entry Sleep which has some great writing.

The Future

I’ve decided I want to take this game further  and do a full polished release, so I’ve been coming up with a lot more contestants. I want there to be random characters each time you play and so far I have about 30 unique contestants planned (I want to get to about 100). Also been working on more random endings depending on choices made and planned scenarios. I’ve started a twitter account where I plan on posting updates as I work on the game. @FranklinsGhost

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