Linker Postmortem

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September 10th, 2014 8:35 am


We haven’t decided what to write as an introduction, so we will just describe what went right and what went wrong during our 72-hour jam.

The Good
– Task management – it was our first game jam with more than one programmer in a team so we were a little bit worried about how it would go. But we’ve separated our responsibilities well and haven’t disturbed each others work much.
– One solid and well-polished mechanic
– Music – our friend, Lind Erebros, helped us on a very late stage by making a background music just in a few hours (
– Unity usage – helped us to speed up the development. This is also our third game which uses Unity so we didn’t need to spend half of the time googling =) (Unity prefabs are great to design levels and allow to implement additional functionality at the same time)
– 2 of 3 days spent together in a co-working space – personal comunication really helped us with quick decisions about game design and priorities
– Art – we got an artist this time who made stylized trixel graphics which looks just awesome

The Bad
– There’s no need in a right mouse button that deletes existing lines. Unfortunately, we understood this only when it was already implemented.
– Difficulty curve isn’t smooth enough
– Only one game mechanic
– Only 10 levels
– Worlds and hearts use the same animation, we couldn’t find a way to randomize the starting frame
– We didn’t have enough time to implement parallax and some animation for shields (lines)
– “Game Completed” screen is not rewarding enough for the player
– No storyline (even though game description has some foundation)


It was fun. We need to rest now -)
If you are interested in the later development process you can follow the blog here: or

LD Page:


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