The SM Selection – LD30 Edition

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September 7th, 2014 3:43 pm


After confLINKted’s postmortem, it’s that unscheduled time again! In this new edition of The SM Selection I get to pick my favorite entries of the 30th Ludum Dare competition! The winners of each title get a new level, enhancing their Dev Support by 1 and their Overall Awesomeness by 50.

So who is worthy of such title? Check them out!

The Sidereal Mindbreaker title goes to…

Galactic Dump


Never have I ever played a stage based puzzle game like this one. The gameplay is simple enough: draw lines between the planets and the little satellites, and calculate the best connections based on the satellites’ orbit path. The 15 levels it includes are total brain teasers, ready to dare you to figure them out.

Play Galactic Dump @ Ludum Dare

The Spectral Malevolence title goes to…



Schrodinghost takes the somewhat known theory of Schrödinger’s Cat and twists it in an interactive game similar to Ghost Trick. Players control of Maru, a cat stuffed in a box. His main goal is to seek revenge on his master, Schrödinger, by escaping from his lab. To do this he must find the exit as discretely as possible, as the scientist is always strolling around and any glimpse from him will make Maru say goodbye to freedom. Maru can also change into a ghost to interact with things from a distance and manipulate the environment to help him escape. Although it lacks a bit more emphasis on the LD’s theme, it’s a really charming game nonetheless.

Play Schrodinghost @ Ludum Dare

The Sinister Metagame title goes to…



Hiding in a retro style platformer lies a game with a message that at first is not that clear, but at the player progresses this message starts interfering with the environment in ways players won’t expect and maybe even notice. I will not spoil the actual message, because it’s something to experiment by oneself. What I do love about the game is the take on the theme and the atmosphere, that gives you a great impression even though it makes use of little resources. You don’t wanna miss it.

Play Titania @ Ludum Dare

The Stylish Millipede title goes to…



A visually stunning game where players won’t stop flying around from one world to another. The main objective is to stay (at least) on one piece as long as possible, while avoiding spiky pieces of debris and red-eyed enemies. Very interesting use of lighting and time-manipulating mechanics on this one.

Play Starpiercer @ Ludum Dare

[Honorable Mention]

The Slim Metaphor? title goes to…

Noodle Feeling


Become a noodle and connect little beings to yourself, then offer yourself to the giant worm that wanders around your planet. The game keeps throwing you to randomly generated levels where you need to battle not with enemies but with the game’s physics. Does it have much to relate to the compo’s theme? Not really, but not that it really matters. Become a noodle and learn to like it.

Play Noodle Feeling @ Ludum Dare

That’s all for now folks! Did you actually check out my entry, confLINKted? Be sure to rate it and I’ll rate your game as well! :)

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