A Best Of (Ctd.)

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September 7th, 2014 7:12 am

This is my fifth (I think) ‘best of’ post. You can view the past few on my LD page.

Warp Paint — An extremely well-designed puzzle-platformer. The objective is simply to throw an orb to the correct destination. But the level designs can be deviously clever in their uses of colour and various other elements.



The Lion’s Song — A romantic game set in the epicentre of Romantic and Classical music, Austria, with a player character who composes (presumably) Romantic music. Despite this seeming bombardment of romance, that aspect never feels overwhelming. Each layer is romance is placed subtly, to such an extent that its romantic elements won’t be at all evident at the start of the game. It arrives spontaneously, a genuine romantic spark. And that is why I love the game. (It’s beautiful graphics and atmospheric audio only make it even better.)


World of Beatrice, the Girl Next Door — Engagingly written and attractively presented feminist game highlighting our anachronistic view of women. I rather like the fact it portrays the prejudices against all the choices women make, be they progressive or traditional.



Mor — I need only to reprint the description: “In this videogame you play a fetus. You try to escape your mothers body through her anus.  Your dead twin’s ghost chases you on the way, throwing drugs and cigarettes at you.” Funny, addictive, oozing with style. 




Superdimensional — A moody, sort of ethereal game with a very innovative mechanic. I hate writing about games like this, because the gameplay is really bloody difficult to describe. I guess you rotate shards of transdimensional matter that expose you to a secondary world, without knowing which one is in fact real. It’s easier if you just go play it.


Galactic Bonding — An adorable little game in which you try to match your dad’s silly faces as a kind of bonding exercise. It’s cute in its simplicity, with endearingly childish sketches and easily accessible gameplay.



Dear Sister — Based on a real life incident, this is a sentimental game about a sister passing on, the connection between our life and the next. Admittedly, as an irate anti-theist this premise instinctively causes a grinding of the teeth, but taken as an emotional venture with real-life connections, I thought it was an admirable game with some powerful music. (It is also, doubtless to many people’s disgust, a “walking simulator”.)


Which is my cheeky way of bringing the subject onto one of my games. I just released a second game for the RuinJam 2014, a jam to celebrate the imagined demise of the games industry as a result of social justice games, “non-games”, queer & feminist games etc. The game is a “text-only stream-of-consciousness (and heavily queered) walking simulator”. You can play it here.

It also serves as a companion piece to my LD entry, Sleep.

Okay, the obligatory plug is over…

If you think I’d enjoy your game or for some unfathomable reason want to talk to me, please leave a comment either here or on my game page. I will endeavour to play your game, though I’m at a point now where my comments are getting increasingly abbreviated. So I’m sorry if my feedback is too terse.

I will, however, be making a final ‘best of’ — which I not-at-all narcissistically title “The SNOOTHAs” — late in the coming week. A kind of best of the best, I’ll put together winners for each category and honourable mentions, all in a snazzilly formatted blog post. If you want a chance to win an unquestionably-prestigious SNOOTHA award, then please bring my attention to your game. You can view last year’s SNOOTHAs here.


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