Theme Bingo Update ~ Boulevard driven

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September 5th, 2014 4:31 am

After you have read my plea, have a pie:

Theme coverage graph

Note that large part of theme coverage comes from Boulevard of Broken Themes entry, which is why it has separate positions in the pie-chart. Note that “non-Boulevard” here means “is covered by something else than Boulevard”, not necessarily “isn’t covered by Boulevard”. Also, some special links were added, marked as [B]. Obviously, it stands for “basement” and has no relation to the game mentioned earlier in that paragraph.

Themes that have strong coverage found are bolded, while themes with weak or no coverage found aren’t (no coverage can be recognised by lack of linked games). I decide whether coverage is weak or strong arbitrarily, but there’s some measure decisive in most cases: if theme usage needs explanation, it means that it’s probably weak. Also, if there’s at least one game with strong coverage found, the ones with weak coverage won’t be linked (unless it’s one of weirder theme usages in Boulevard). Additionally, if there are many games that cover the given theme strongly, only the most noteworthy will be picked.
Additionally, themes that made it to the final round of voting are italicised. Just because.

(and beware of random links; they’re very random)

  • Alchemy
  • Another World [B]
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Brainwashed [LINK]
  • Break It, Fix It
  • Break The Rules
  • Chaos
  • Choose A Path [LINK]
  • Connected Worlds [1] [2] [3] (I sure do enjoy overly literal intepretations every once in a while)
  • Day and Night [1] [2]
  • Destroy The System
  • Do No Harm [LINK]
  • Don’t Save The Princess
  • Don’t Stop Moving [B]
  • Dreams And Nightmares [1] [2]
  • End Of The Road
  • Everyone Is A Monster
  • Experimentation [LINK]
  • Flow
  • For Science! [LINK]
  • Forces Of Nature [LINK]
  • Forgotten [B]
  • Fortress
  • From The Ashes
  • Glimpse Of The Future
  • Growing [LINK]
  • Human Stupidity
  • I For One Welcome Our New Robot Overlords [LINK] (I guess some people do…?)
  • I Think It’s Alive
  • Illusion [B]
  • Infectious
  • Isolation
  • It’s A Trap!
  • Knowledge Is Power
  • Labyrinth [B] [LINK]
  • Limited Capacity
  • Limited Control [LINK] (but it works well enough)
  • Loot [LINK] (well, he gathers some goods along the way? O.o”)
  • Losing Control
  • Lost In Space [B]
  • Love [B] [1] [2] (seriously, if I were to list every entry that strongly uses this theme of ~150 I played, I’d do quite a lot of linking…)
  • Manipulate The Environment [B] [LINK]
  • Maps [B]
  • No One Can See You [B] [LINK] and you’re dead
  • No Return
  • No Way In, No Way Out
  • Nothing Is Real [LINK]
  • Off The Grid
  • On The Edge
  • The Other Side [1] [2]
  • Points Of View [LINK]
  • Potato Salad [B] [LINK] (someone had to…)
  • The Power Of Machines
  • Randomly Generated (there must be something out there)
  • Rise And Fall [B]
  • Shadows
  • Something’s Out There
  • The Space Is Getting Smaller
  • Speed
  • Strange Physics [LINK]
  • Strength In Numbers [1] [2] (I need you!)
  • Supply And Demand [LINK]
  • Survive
  • Things Are Not What They Seem
  • This Happens To Me Every Day [LINK] (really glad to see such outlandish theme somehow got covered! XD)
  • Time Travel [LINK]
  • Transformation [B]
  • Trust No One
  • Under Pressure [B]
  • Unexpected Side Effect
  • Unlimited
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  • What Is That In The Distance? [B]
  • Where No One Has Gone Before [LINK]
  • Wonderful Apocalypse
  • You Are Already Dead [B] [1] [2] (boo~!)
  • You Are The Weapon
  • You Can Never Have Too Many
  • You Can’t Fight Back [LINK] (except when you can)
  • You Must Leave It Behind [B]
  • You’re Not Supposed To Be Here

Can you spot the games using the missing themes? :3

3 Responses to “Theme Bingo Update ~ Boulevard driven”

  1. Will Edwards says:

    Really fun to see the fun you’re having with my game :)

    There are about 20 regulars, actually. You are in good company sunflower.

    If there was a real time notification feed I could subscribe to, I think a spiced up version could be popular as an official LD tool. As it stands, I think scraping isn’t cool every LD and the lag makes it untennable.

    • Sunflower says:

      (and yes, notifications system would be nice, so that I wouldn’t need to check various places I posted in manually, just in case something new appeared >.<)

      • Will Edwards says:

        I don’t like that I’m scraping the site every few minutes. I’d rather that there was a more efficient way for my webserver to know when something has changed, and then I could very easily build notifications into the map itself – make the pins jump slightly every time someone comments on them, etc.

        Traffic here has really really dropped off; there’s only a handful of comments / hour trickling in these days. Sometimes my scraper finds no change at all.

        I see the people in the amazon conspire to *not* expose the animals they are so close to.. Oh well.

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