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September 2nd, 2014 12:25 pm

Seeing as there is another graph a few posts down, I thought I may as well post mine for LD#30
It shows the current vote distribution across all entries, ‘frequency’ being the number of entries with ‘value’ votes.
Vote distribution
You can add your user name to the image url to show where your game is on the graph.
The graph updates itself so is always current.

And wow that is a horrible graph, at the time of posting there is apparently someone who has rated 1030 games, and 744 people haven’t rated any. Perhaps I should modify the it to disregard outliers.

Edit: Added an ignore parameter scale the graph a bit. set to zero to see the full graph. Alternatively you can use maxvalue= and maxfrequency= to manually scale the graph. Perhaps I should make I fully interactive…

5 Responses to “More Stats”

  1. Sunflower says:

    Yes, this graph doesn’t look too optimistic. O.o”
    (also, I wonder how often a rating is accompanied with a comment; from what I recall, someone posted 500 comments along with their rating, which is way more than the person with 1030 coolness, actually)

    Also, any chance we would get additional info like e.g. “has no less votes than 85% games” or “has no less coolness than 30% participants”? In other words, a value of cumulative distribution function for a given user?

  2. bytegrove says:

    Very cool to see yourself on the graph, nice work! :)

  3. Kayelgee says:

    I felt bad for not having rated many games yet I’m cooler then 77.3% :O

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