Ludum Dare Survey: Results

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September 2nd, 2014 2:06 pm

Because there could be quite a lot of images from this, the results have their own page:

It is a work in progress. I’ll add more charts to it as I make them. Enjoy! :)

ps: the survey form is still available here. I use the latest data for all charts.

42 Responses to “Ludum Dare Survey: Results”

  1. SK16Games says:

    Nice questions :) Hope you make some awesome and cool stats and graphs! 😀

  2. eemmbbeerr says:

    I am a total fan of all the graphs, statistics and info you guys put out here, make me more pls :)


  3. Jakub Koziol says:

    A suggestion for future surveys.
    In the section about the education add an answer for college dropouts. 😉

  4. Sargonius says:

    Nice survey, thanks!

  5. rojo says:

    An additional question for next time, potentially:

    “I took time to play my game from start to finish”

  6. micahcowan says:

    Nice survey! Could use a middling “Meh” answer, and a “Not Applicable” for some of them.

    Look forward to seeing the results!

  7. bazld says:

    I think ideally you need 5 options so the middle one is neither yes or no.

  8. dvdking says:

    That’s quite awesome! Waiting for results.

  9. McFunkypants says:

    ************* GREAT IDEA! *************

    Let’s make some awesome infographics for the final dataset.

  10. jerombd says:

    Done. Nice idea: it should be made every Ludum Dare!

  11. FrozenCow says:

    Very good idea. I’m interested in the results!

  12. sharpcoder says:

    I think we tend to assume most get too grandiose with their ideas, but it would be nice to have some options that cater to the opposite spectrum – those who didn’t challenge themselves enough :) Good questions, though. I look forward to infographics and charts. So many pies and bars and stars!

  13. Kayelgee says:

    I love all the stats and graphs. Wish there was a place where all of it could be found easier.

  14. Linusson says:

    It was fun answering those questions. 😀

  15. GaTechGrad says:

    Does checking my Twitter feed and message boards count as “socializing”?

  16. Dry Tree says:

    “I drank much water” – nope
    “I drank much coffee” – bleugh
    “I drank much alcohol” – not during a LD
    “I drank much sugary drinks” – no thanks

    … wait, where’s the option for “I drank much tea”?!

    Good survey, looking forward to seeing the results :)

  17. porglezomp says:

    Survey! Want to see the results!

  18. SecondDimension says:

    Done, looking forward to the graphs! I second the addition of the option “Drank a Lot of Tea”.
    I also wanted to convey that as usual I did allow anywhere near enough time to design levels, I tried to cover this in my answer to “I should have spent more time brainstorming/designing”.
    Finally, this might be crazy… but I always wondered if weather/climate had any effect on the games. I personally find it easier to concentrate when it’s raining, although that might just be British thing

  19. It would be good to have a self-imposed age rating for games. In the last 3 or 4 competitions I have seen a steady increase in games that contain profanity, sexual references or levels of violence that I would not like my daughter to see. I have to balance that against her wish to join the competition, which inevitably means that my wife and I have to pre-screen every game that she plays.

    Some entrants have marked games as NSFW or similar, but most have not.

    Let me make it clear that I respect everyone’s rights to make games, but I think the player should have a more informed choice about what they are playing, and the ability to filter would make the competition more accessible to all ages.

  20. sikosis says:

    Done. Look forward to the results.

  21. HayManMarc says:

    Done! Where will we see the results?

  22. bentog says:

    Hey, I put my username “bento_g” instead of “bentog”, is there any way you can edit it?

    • sorceress says:

      There’s a good chance you’re not the only one to enter their username wrong. It should be easy to correct any one username, as I can search the user list here for similar spellings. But it might be a lot of work to do this for everyone!

  23. MetroidMan347 says:

    Under “How you got through the weekend” there’s no option that would include Diet Pepsi. Maybe in place of Coffee in the future it could be Caffeinated Drinks?

  24. Would be really interesting to correlate the survey results with ludum dare results . . .

  25. McFunkypants says:

    I’d like to suggest CONTENT ratings so I can filter out games with blood or swearing or sex when kids are around.

    Just honour system, no validation required.

  26. micahcowan says:

    Options for receiving email notifications for replies to your entry, or to comments you make elsewhere on the site.

  27. micahcowan says:

    (Um. Commented on wrong page, duh.)

  28. little-burrito says:

    I really appreciated this survey. I think it’d be a good idea to let it run for a couple of days or perhaps a week after the results from the competition are in, since I think that will draw more people to the site. I mostly had time to rate and play games for the first week, and since then I’ve had so much work to do I’ve barely had time to stop by, so I very well could have had to stay away until the results were in.

  29. hissssssssss says:

    Neat questions on the survey. I’m looking forward to seeing the data!

    I would have added a question about needing to scrap everything and start over. I had to do that this time in order to submit something playable, and I know I’m not the only one. I would have answered all of the questions differently depending on which game we’re talking about: my ambitious learning experience failure, or the final-hour joke that I’m still quite proud of but learned little doing.

  30. racarate says:

    huh! are you going to add correlations with score / ranking after the voting closes?

  31. Sort of disappointed to see the 24:1 male to female ratio, honestly.

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