Let’s conquer the world together!

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September 2nd, 2014 10:27 am

Have I mentioned Connecting LD30 to the Real World? No? Well then, now I mention it.

Actually, I did mention it before, but it won’t hurt to mention it again. That’s because I’m running out of entries that would allow me to reveal significant portions of map, while there’s a huge, huge space that’s yet to be discovered. And that’s terrible!

Just to give some more background: Connecting LD30 to the Real World is an amazing application with apparently somewhat amusing world map and not quite well thought-out game mechanics that, under normal circumstances, don’t allow players to reveal that completely. The thing is, first a Ludum Dare participant picks a position in the map. The area around them (some sort of ellipse, probably because the world is wider than taller on that map) is revealed, and it’ll be also shown to anyone who either has commented on the participant’s entry, or had their entry commented by the participant. Or, to put it from different perspective, the participant has revealed the area:
a) around themselves
b) around people who commented on the participant’s game
c) around people whose game the participant commented on

Everything is fine and dandy, but the ellipse is rather small, and people tend to pick their positions honestly. It means that there are many, many people that can reveal the same part somewhere in Europe, and no one who could allow revealing some spot in Pacific Ocean (probably because not many people live in the middle of ocean). As a result, that’s what I got after having most of the area revealed (what remains is mainly central Brasil, Russia and whereabouts and parts of Africa and Australia):
My current state of discovery
(I decided to alter the screen so that you people wouldn’t have the world map spoiled; also, note that border parts, like Antarctic, are cut)

As you can see, there are large, large areas yet to be discovered. And that’s what I would like you people to do. To discover, so that we could reveal as much of the amazing map Will Edwards prepared for us as possible. I already moved to Greenland, but I can’t do this alone. I need your help. Let’s conquer the world together!
(and yes, being a sole participant in a wide, wide area will make you more likely for me to comment on your game. Which might not be the thing you want, come to think of it…)

I guess the connection to the real world would be somewhat weakened because of that, but it’s Will’s blame for making such an interesting map *and* using the rules encouraging such behaviour. 😉

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