LD30 Most Interesting found in first week
46 out of 535 Web player supported entries examined and reviewed

These are games/toys/artifacts for which I’m intending to make a more detailed study, and/or which I really enjoyed playing [mrexcessive]

If you have limited time to review, I strongly recommend these. Only tested on Chrome/W8.1

  1. Accelerated-Life by Makio
  2. Defense of Geome by aneeslol
  3. > Continue by ratking
  4. Skewer World by tatmos
  5. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? by Andrew Shouldice
  6. Invaduhrs by bigbadwofl
  7. Music Race to the Moon by eddiegtp
  8. The Warehouse Connection by Jesper Oskarsson
  9. Misplaced by akymos
  10. Binary System by rogueNoodle
  11. Connecting LD30 to the Real World
  12. A Light In The Darkness by TobiasW
  13. Fire & Ice by NnelGdaBandit
  14. Notes from a Mad Mage by Razoric
  15. World of Joy by Lancelot Gao
  16. Little Rainbow Story by Nelly
  17. Vibrastones by 5T4MP5
  18. Warrior and the Thief by DrZanuff
  19. Warplink Attack by bvanschooten
  20. Bird Simulator – Worlds Connected by Poo by eastes
  21. A Dance of Fire And Ice by fizzd
  22. Multifaceted by Riley Adams
  23. HexConquest by LeoZ
  24. Worlds Collide by Beanalby
  25. Superdimensional by PixelMind
  26. CyberSwap by _Rilem
  27. Worldly Traveler by MrTedders
  28. Light Year Wars by nicotuason
  29. Stratera by highlyinteractive
  30. And Again! by Dayko
  31. This Little Piggy… by InfectionTeam
  32. A Temple Of Two Worlds by Volute
  33. Mammoth Monkey Mole by ehtd
  34. APOLLO by graebor
  35. ENTANGLEMENT by mtrc
  36. Taxi Copter by Aaron San Filippo
  37. Whiteout by primaerfunktion
  38. Save the Earth by Bemmu
  39. Solar Supply by Josh Riley
  40. Resonance Miner by andreimarks
  41. Chromasis by jwin
  42. Our World by Loren
  43. Moqua by Monofraps
  44. Advesperation by dook
  45. LemonLob by Figglewatts
  46. Fluid Perspectives by Jezzamon

One Response to “Favourite entries, which demand a second look after 1 week…”

  1. TobiasW says:

    Thanks a lot for including my game in your list! As soon as I find the time, I’ll rate yours too.

    And yep, you’re right: It’s really hard to play it alone. If you’ll actually try it again, try to play it with a friend 😀

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