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September 2nd, 2014 4:53 am

Hi there,

Not sure whether to say something or not.  But I am somewhat frustrated…
I’ve been assiduously rating Web browser playable games since competition ended.  Probably looking at about 80 per day, based on playing for between 30 seconds (if game doesn’t work, or is very incomplete – in which case not rating but leaving a comment ‘not yet rated’ and explaining why), or playing for up to 20-30 minutes when completely engrossed, which doesn’t happen often. Then I’ve been trying to leave a thoughtful comment based on my experience.

I freely admit I’m bad at twitchy and ‘hard’ games, but try to leave an honest comment.  My own game is probably a reasonable mid to average (48h) quality of game, based on my very personally biased view of course… however hard I try to be objective!


I’ve been swapping 1st place on the coolness ladder with Mallot1 for a few days… Not trying to outdo, but just overtaking sometimes, then he/she overtakes me back.


Last night Mallot1 rated 500 games!!!
Approximately the same as we had each managed to rate in 8 days (since the main competition closed last week).  I don’t think I could even look and read the webpages for 500 games in the 10-12 hours elapsed when Mallot1 went from 495 (approx) to 1030.

Is this reasonable ?


I’ve been a bit stressed since… Have I been trying to hard to rate games ? Is it best to just carry on with development and stop looking at my peer group at work ?


I’ve been back and forth about whether to say something.  It really isn’t that important to me to be first on coolness, I was mainly just enjoying making a list of things I need to get better at programming and design-wise, while playing and rating lots and lots of games.  I wasn’t even expecting to feature on the cool list, but as I’m currently out of work it seems that my free time has enabled this to happen.


Should I have said something or not ??  Am I taking it too seriously… and other self-doubt.  Hmmm….
Would appreciate your thoughts.


< /rant>

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  1. Will Edwards says:

    There are some long-shot explanations, for example perhaps Mallot1 is getting friends and family to rate too, and submitting it under their account. If so, that’d be cool even if perhaps not strictly to some rule somewhere, as those ratings represent real people taking the time to play the games.

    In previous LDs where I’ve worked with people I’ve encouraged them to rate games too, and submitted the results using my account as I’ve been the one to submit jam entries. This being fellow jam members, people who in my eyes have participated in the contest and ought to be able to rate.

    Perhaps in this case its hard to imagine this scenario being true though.

    FWIW, Mallot1 has made ‘only’ 57 comments, but random sampling those comments seem genuinely like they have played the games in question.

    On the other hand, mrexcessive leads the pack regards making comments: <– more stats on commenting

  2. kibertoad says:

    Essentially, it became a numbers game for you, so yes, it might be a good idea to stop and enjoy the strawberries.
    From what our team understands, after a game hits 100c it stops going up in the default category, which is the most comfortable place to select games for voting, since games in the most coolness category rarely change, so you only get a limited selection to vote from.
    Besides, 500+ games is an insane number. At this point we barely manage to hit 90+ with three people voting. But at least we try to complete all of them and leave our honest opinions in the comments. The last thing any of us wants is to leave ludum hating games in general.

  3. mechabit says:

    There’s the L rank to remember, someone who is gaming the coolness rating in his heart of hearts knows that he is a loser. Maybe coolness is a problematic label but you do need more people to vote. I guess you shouldn’t let it bother you because it truly doesn’t matter as it’s all about the game you made, not how many made up cool points you have.

  4. mrexcessive says:

    @Will Edwards I hadn’t looked at the stats page you mention – thank you for that!

    Cheers all three of you… your thoughts much appreciated. I feel better having vented and not been completely off the mark.

    I admit I don’t complete a high percentage of the games, but I play them until I’m no longer interested – if that makes sense. This is probably not a good thing when looking at the 20th dual platformer or planet linking strategy, but I do feel I’m getting a much better understanding of games, games design and the process of implementing mechanics through looking at so many. I’ve got about 50 bookmarked for a relook at sometime – generally the bigger games I still want to finish.

  5. 43iscoding says:

    Personally, the first days after the competition I really rushed the coolness, both because I was extremely interested in playing other games (it’s my first LD, so #hypehypehype) and keeping my coolness at page 1, so people could notice my game.

    Imo, when you’re rating a game, you should definitely write a comment. Even a simple cheering word will do a great job! I also try to point out what I do NOT like about the game, cause critics are even more valuable, especially for well-done and polished games.

    In a week, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of games I played, and even more left to play, so I decided that I will browse just a bit, and look for “favorite lists”/LD Streams so I could keep checking out worthy games without wasting too much time searching for them.

    And while reading this thread, I was surprised (thanks to @Will Edwards provided data) I am still top2 commenter :3

    P.S. about 500ratings/night case: Some evenings, I also browsed and rated entry together with my wife from 2 PCs. So may be it’s legit, who knows :)

  6. Fanatrick says:

    You rate games based on 30 second intervals then you bitch about others doing the same. Just put your game, play other games, if you didn’t get much feedback you didn’t deserve it in the first place. Like someone said already, don’t let this become a number game to you.

    • mrexcessive says:

      @Fanatrick… As I said, only play for 30 seconds if the game doesn’t work, or has a broken system. Many games played for 20-30 minutes, average probably 4-6 minutes… depends on the game. I’ve had plenty of useful feedback … very happy with that!

  7. Sunflower says:

    @Fanatrick: actually, the “30 second intervals” are related to the games that don’t work for whatever reasons; actual time of playing varies between 30 seconds and 20-30 minutes, according to mrexcessive. ^^”
    Not that I don’t agree with the “number game” part, though; it’s better not to get caught in it, especially since it can kill the fun from games. I can tell playing and commenting on ~130 entries alone got me pretty tired; I wouldn’t even dare to try doing that with about 50 entries every day… u_u”

    (also, maybe because of tiredness, or maybe it’s just me, but it seems I tend to be harsher than average; I’m pretty sure if I were to comment on my game, I’d be one of more critical commenters, too ^^”)

  8. klianc09 says:

    You only gain a benefit from rating up to 100 games, by getting better visibility for your game.
    After that, if you don’t really like playing them AND don’t leave any feedback, then you shouldn’t force yourself to “get the most coolness”.

    As most of Ludum Dare is based on an honor system, it’s more about the community than ‘winning’ LudumDare, whatever that means to you.

  9. mrexcessive says:

    @klianc09 agree 100%… I’ve been playing lots of games for one main reason, to try to understand what makes some other games much better than mine, what can I learn. Selfish I know… but that’s the main thing – some people produce incredible virtual machines in 48h/72h it’s very inspiring!
    I didn’t even look at the coolness page until I think Wednesday or Thursday last week… was a shock to be on there – I expected my number of games played @ 50ish per day to be about average !

  10. kibertoad says:

    You already made an impressive compo title. It’s working, it’s fun, it looks good. It just doesn’t feel very special. I sorta know the feeling.
    But the thing you are looking for probably isn’t some hidden style of game-making kung fu. It’s originality. Something that would feel special, even if it’s made from borrowed and simplified elements. Your own recipe that can be remembered by people who try it at least for a little while after getting all the upgrades and landing the pod on the final planet.
    I doubt this special something can be found in the works of others. But you do have the skills to find it in yourself, all it takes is some more experience and love for the things you do.
    At least in theory. Never managed that myself.

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