Souzou Cliff Post-Mortem

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September 1st, 2014 8:19 am

SouzouCliff_TitleScreen(Wat It shud look sana)

Souzou Cliff is a story about a guy named “Edan” who one day got lost and happen to find himself exploring another world. On his way to find out where he is, he met a girl named “Estelle”, a native to that world. The game is all about telling a story of boy meets girl, inocent feelings, promises and getting back together after a few years have passed.

The game features a refreshing storyline, lovable characters, wonderfully crafted pixel art world. With platforming as its base gameplay put together with storyline elements you are sure to relate to and love. Dual platforming with split screen portraying two different worlds at once. Move two characters with a single controller and help Edan and Estelle meet once again!

Check out the game here!

What went right:
Finish a beatable game
– Deliver the game story
– Make a beautiful pixel world
– BGMs that blends with the game

What went wrong:
We ran out of time testing and debugging the game
– There are still some collision bugs

This is the best Ludum dare experience for me yet, I am well prepared than the past jams and we have a team. The game also receives nice publicity.

Next Ludum Dare:
– We will spare more time for testing and debugging.
– We will invite more game dev peeps into our team
– Need more preparations, specifically on the Audio part.

Check out the game here!

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