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September 1st, 2014 8:44 am

First I want to say “thank you” to artist Alex. All arwork was done by him and this is the best part of game.

You can touch the game via web version (ludum page:


What went right

 – Simple concept. We had time to think and do what is truly important to the concept itself. “Occam’s Razor” works everywhere.
– Presence. We didn’t  want to do focus on the player itself (“or magic glob”). The background and levels should exist by their selves. This has reduced the technical work and fit everything in one scene, even the initial screen is a small element of the gameplay. As well as the final screen. (No triggers , no switching elements and so on.)

– Sound transition effect, as were mentioned above. Enviorenmet exist undependatly from the player. Imagine building. On each floor are discoteques and you shifting between them. I wanted to add some effect like this.

-Verlet trails. Globe has a trail elements, which computed by verlet algorithm. It gives viscosity to the enviorenment. Liquid background.
What went right or maybe not

-Game mechanic. Main idea was that every touch creates wave that has influence on the globe. But phyisically it behaves like slow explosion. Pushing force is inversily to the distance squared between globe and wave center. We’v got a lot of feedbacks that saying mechanic is not obvious.
-Hardcore. Our decision was create maybe not demo, but little acomplished game, and high difficulty was one of  the tools, which could help… But very powerfull gravity elements could add random omponents to gameplay and sometimes frustrate the player.
– Music. Honestly saying, music was added at the last moment. We have a really small amount of time and it was like (“Check this out, I think it should be first level” or “I think second level looks like dwar fortress (Thank you mister Edvard Grieg).”)).

Next steps
Revisit all components of the game. Determine target platforms (currently tablets are the main target platforms). And continue to work on it (This is the most important :) ).

Thank you for reading this article,
Please leave your opinions and feedbacks. We appreciate it very much!

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