All LD30 Games in this Mosaic!

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September 1st, 2014 11:30 pm

AFTER you’ve played and commented on my game, you can feast your eyes on this mosaic ↓

↑ Your game is in that parrot! You just have to find it… happy hunting 😀

I picked a parrot picture because in my game there are still some wild animals to be found on the map in some of the jungles… happy hunting there too :)

You may also like my interactive map of Ludum Dare participants

Ludum Darers in Real World

Its really really fun to watch your pins appear on the map when you play my game, and light up and reveal the ahem annotated map as you comment on other LD30 games!

Please do comment on my game too so you light up my map when I play my game! That’d be the nicest compliment of all.

This isn’t the first mosaic I’ve made for this Ludum Dare 30; you may also enjoy hunting for your entry in this map:

7 Responses to “All LD30 Games in this Mosaic!”

  1. SK16Games says:

    Haha found mine! (on both images)
    You should really make a program for making mosiacs! (Or if you already did, where can I find it?)

  2. 0x0961h says:

    Spotted mine on both images. Great idea. 😀

  3. jjhaggar says:

    Love your mosaics! XD And also love your game! 😀 I rate every other game from there now! ^^ A little question, could you upload your 2 mosaics in png format into another server? I’d love to have them in better quality and LudumDare converts automatically all images into .jpg, I fear ^^U

  4. catchthefloaty says:

    question… how do you pic a resolution for the mosaic that will fit every LD30 game? what if theres a prime number?

  5. Will Edwards says:

    If anyone is interested, I’m giving some bountry away on – search for “mosaic”

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