Space Horror Alpha 2 Build

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August 31st, 2014 8:39 am

I decided to continue working on the game since the LD version was pretty far from what I planned to do. Here’s the updated build that addresses a number of issues mentioned on the comments and adds features missing from the original.

One of the issues addressed is balance, as the original version was pretty much impossible to beat. The new one might be a bit too easy, or at least it feels like that to me.

Alpha2 Release Notes

– Modified game balancing, now the game should be completable.
– Added missions. They can be acquired from planets and yield rewards upon completion. You always start with a ‘Build Portal’ mission.
– Added a clear notification when the Horde Strength grows.
– Added an end of turn summary.
– Added a battle end summary.
– Added a particle effect to planets that already have portals.
– Navigation buttons now hidden when inventory is open.
– Added a button to view instructions during play.
– Added an exploration panel for choosing whether to explore or end turn.
– Added end of turn events, which can yield good or bad things.
– Added a menu (press ESC to access) for quitting / restarting.
– Normal enemies do not generate Horde Strength anymore (except if they defeat you).
– Types of enemies spawned are now tied to how many portals you have.
– Lots of small fixes.

Future Releases

I still have a lot of ideas on how to improve the game, including new events, randomised planets, new scenarios (meaning different win/lose conditions), explaining the backstory, etc. Whether or not I will continue working on the game depends a lot on the feedback I get, if there are people who’d actually want to see a further refined versions, I’ll have some motivation to keep on making them (so let me know!).

Another thing I want to do is take the game further away from the Arkham Horror design, as it currently feels a bit too much of a clone.

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