An LD48 Rhythm Game?! (Part 1)

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August 31st, 2014 7:23 pm

Hi all! This was my first game jam ever. I made a RHYTHM GAME! It’s one of the only rhythm games made for this competition. And I’m pretty happy with how it worked out. Even though it may lack some extra polish, I think it makes up by having a really precise rhythm engine. It’s what I spent pretty much all of the first day perfecting, and I tore it down and redid it twice. Anyway: play it here! (And please rate if you have the time, we don’t have many ratings so far)

And I didn’t do the introduction post that everyone seems to have done, where they list their tools and their hopes and their dreams. But the reason I didn’t was because I had absolutely no idea what tools I was going to use. The one I use all the time for my current project is FlashDevelop, but I was considering trying out Unity for the jam.

Well, at the end of the day I used Unity! And I got stuck on newbie things like ‘why can’t I set the x position of an object?!?!’ (Answer: you have to set the entire Vector3).

The night before the theme was to be announced, someone here did some helpful number crunching to show that Connected Worlds was the most likely choice. I spent a while trying to think of anything that wasn’t puzzle-platformer-where-you-have-to-switch-dimensions, and then suddenly I had it: a rhythm game, involving two planets alternately orbiting each other.

Or more accurately, I was reminded of that rhythm game idea I had before from years ago, but never implemented, based on one of the mini games in Rhythm Heaven, that would suit the theme perfectly. I get to participate in a jam AND implement something that I’ve been meaning to explore. Two birds with one stone!

And so I began. We actually met up in a local university that gave us a nice jam space. Having three Unity experts around (including PEW PEW PEW PEW and RGB) doing the jam came useful once or twice! The jam started at 9 a.m. in Malaysian time, though by the time I got there and found a parking spot and everything it was almost 11.

Last year Timmie Wong (DDRKirby(ISQ)) wrote in his postmortem that he was inspired to do a rhythm game in FlashPunk by stumbling across my own game Rhythm Doctor. Well, this jam I have to admit that, seeing how long I took to do the engine in Rhythm Doctor, I would probably have been put off from doing a rhythm game in a jam, if not for seeing Timmie’s entry Ripple Runner!

Part 2 with the technical details coming up soon. Please rate the game if you have time, we don’t have much ratings yet!

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  1. Oh, cool! I JUST saw this, congrats on making adofai! 😀

  2. BluePhoenixFireGames says:

    This isnt about A Dance of Fire and Ice. But it is about Rythym Doctor. I think the final boss. should be the doctor, as the doctor got infected and for that level, you play as the nurse!

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