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August 31st, 2014 5:10 am

Phew… having played 100 entries (which is less than 4% overall…) I think I can now mention a few I found particularly entertaining; note that I don’t really take the theme into account giving these recommendations, and one of these games weren’t scored at all, since I played its much more polished version from a few days later. As you may notice from these entries, I’m quite a fan of story-driven games.

Since arranging these games in fun factor order would be too big of a task to me, I’ll just list them alphabetically.

Crece-above-Clouds – interesting tower-defense game, though you might want to take a look at the second screenshot where instuctions are (couldn’t see the instructions ingame; maybe I didn’t look hard enough) to have any idea what to do. Liked the internal dialogue, waiting for story mode.

Garden of Oblivion – very neat visual novel (once the polished version has been uploaded…), or maybe rather a point-and-click adventure (more interactive than typical VN, less interactive than typical PnC) with well-presented story; my biggest trouble was with the first puzzle where exact word needs to be typed; if you’re really, really, really desperate, you will find the solution in Moosefly’s comment; if only really desperate, check the clue in response to me (@Sunflower) in the author’s comment right below the Moosefly’s

Mansion on the Hill – interesting and detailed adventure game, amazing for only 48 hours (in the compo where nearly everything must be built from scratch); not exactly upbeat, but still worth playing

Noli – maybe not as excellent as the others, I put it here since it’s a nice little Metroidvania-style game with the legendary Air Shark, and the main character is completely adorable. I’d like to see where this goes…

On the edge of Earth: 5000 – small, but really fun to play around with

Parallel Words – little, amusing, fun to play, though I had a little trouble figuring out what to do in the first level

And last but not least, so special that it’s out of alphabet order:

Connecting LD30 to the Real World – very interesting project of Will Edwards, though due to the way it works I decided to move to Greenland, so that I have better view (haven’t found polar bears, though :<); hopefully Will will forgive me…

Oh, right, almost forgot about Collision On second thought, nevermind that… ^^”
(still, if you’d like to check my entry too, feel free to click the link just above)

Soo… there’s that so far, if you’d like me to check your entries, feel free to ask in comments (I’ll check them, yes). Also, I’d like to have them explicitly linked in comments, but I’ll probably check them otherwise, too; I’ll just need to go through typing the author’s name explicitly to find the entry, because LD site, while pretty great and all, has trouble with that aspect. >.<

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  1. Snoother says:

    Some interesting recommendations — thanks! And it’s great to see more people doing games curation this LD.

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