Sci-Fi: A Best Of

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August 30th, 2014 5:36 am

The second in my ‘best of’ lists for this Ludum Dare. You can view the last one, which was on romantic and erotic entries, here.

Cesarino’s Friendly Interplanetary Delivery Services — Even without acknowledging that the game’s title is nonpareil, this is a truly fun piece. You perform the various deliveries, bumping humorously into various planets and asteroids, while also eliminating all the competition ships with your laser guns and upgrading your own ship along the way.


Capsule — A really amusing one-man-in-space story that will keep you captivated from start to finish. Made in Twine, it’s also one of the best looking text games I’ve ever seen, packed with dazzling css effects, cool animated gifs, and a decidedly professional font and colour scheme.




Parallel Rift — A high-octane platformer where you repeatedly traverse the level, each time creating a clone of yourself who performs your last navigation of the level. But you can’t come into contact with any of your past selves, quickly ramping up the challenge and making for some addictive gameplay. An interesting take on the theme, I thought.



A New and Beautiful World — An admirably large visual novel with only one occasion for interactivity. To many that sentence would be an indictment of the game — but trust me, it shouldn’t be. That one moment of interactivity is more profound than the combined gameplay of many other entries. And the story, set decades in the future,  is an engaging, sentimental one of the relationship between two brothers and a father.


Crece-above-Clouds — A kind of space-island tower-defence game, but with various peculiar characters who’s dialogue is always engaging and quite often amusing. And the music — oh my, the music. Definitely worth checking out.



Crisis Culture — An interplanetary visual novel ridiculous in tone and lush with style, both through its odd, distinctive characters and its highly stylised graphics.



And if you feel so kind, you could also check out my game. It isn’t sci-fi, however — there’s not much science to it, and only half of it’s fiction… But it is kind of surreal, pretty intimate, and I’m proud of it at least.


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3 Responses to “Sci-Fi: A Best Of”

  1. GrooveMan says:

    Oh man, I’m flattered! I’m glad you enjoyed the ridiculous bullshit we made.

  2. liquidminduk says:

    Thanks so much for playing Parallel Rift, I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

  3. TKia_ says:

    Oh gosh, I only caught wind of this now; thanks so much for the kind words on “A New and Beautiful World.” I’d noticed on your review that you said you were going to go back to play the other route; did you? If so, I was just wondering which one you’d preferred? And, if not, I’d really recommend the post-compo version; music and visuals really help the experience. 😛

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