Are you tired of playing Unity3D games, some of which are great, while being annoyed by a terrible, hyperspeed camera movement that feels very buggy? Do you want Unity to come with a better MouseLook script? If so, please vote on this idea!

Enhance the MouseLook.cs script that come with Unity’s standard assets.

And if you are a dev, make sure to use better scripts:

(Note: you need an Unity3D account to vote.)

Let’s do this!


2 Responses to “I’d really want Unity to have a better MouseLook script in their default assets. If you think this issue is important, vote for it!”

  1. Pheonise says:

    Not sure if you’ve heard, but the Standard Assets won’t be used from Unity 5 onwards; instead, they’ll be replaced with ‘Sample Assets’, which won’t come bundled with the Editor, and are able to be updated without downloading a full new version of Unity (1.1GB currently).

    Inside these Sample Assets is a new First Person Controller, and 3rd Person Controller; both are leagues ahead of the Standard Assets in terms of quality, and make for an incredibly good base controller.
    It also includes vehicle demos, particle demos, touch demos, and more!

    You can actually download the Sample Assets (Beta) from the Asset Store right now, though they’ll be completely bundled together until Unity 5 (upon which the beta will probably be removed, and each subset will be a separate asset).

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