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Okay well, I have this stuff which is buggy, almost has no gameplay and was not even made within 48 hours but only in ~10 but somehow I stll can be proud of.

What was bad?

I’d start with it, cause it’s the more. Practically everything went wrong.

– I didn’t even have Internet conection at home, so I couldn’t join the flow of the community with WIP shots and random tweets. It’s pretty important for me, as it’s a major “feature” of Ludum Dare for me.
– My first idea was good, but went bad: it was too far from what I imagined, an beyond a point, it overwhelmed several bugs as well. Finally, I couldn’t even do “basic operations” like return the value of the tile Player is standing on. At this point, I gave up.
– On the second day, I had other things do to (girlfriend visit – so yeah, kinda important!) so  had very little time. Maybe I simplified too much on the contribution itself.

The what was good?

Suprisingly, the most important thing went well.

–  I LEARNT. Both the abandoned and the fina game learnt me somethig bot facts and programming things.

So I learnt:
– that procedural generation is extremely hard sometimes, and even though you wouldn’t think, writin a proper random map generator might take much more time than creating maps by hand.
– that proedural generation is STILL helluva funny!
– that addig features in hurry is like using bubble gum instead of duct tapes. The result is the same.
– that even if ugly, hanging trains are god damn awesome.
– that you can create decently looking people even from 4 pixels.
– that fun can cover the mistakes in gameplay.
– how to create randomly wandering people.
– how to use sound functions in LÖVE properly. It’s the mos important since I was completely lost before.
– how to use color changing functions in LÖVE properly.
– how to create realistic trains (in behavioural aspects)
– etc.

So yeah, finally I learnt in LD#30 that the most important thing in Ludum Dare is LEARNING.

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