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My fifth Ludum Dare, after a small 2 Ludum Dare break! I think this time went a little better than other times in terms of how fun the game is, though it suffered a little bit in that I wasn’t able to add as much polish as I would have liked. I used no middleware or prebuilt engines as I thought it would be worth the learning experience, and it sort of was! Here’s a breakdown of how things went:

Things that worked out

  • I’ve been messing around with WebGL a lot recently, and thought it might be a good idea to try out a deferred lighting system for the map rendering. At first I thought it might take too long, but the final result turned out looking fantastic (and running smoothly too)! I’m definitely going to experiment a lot more with this in future.
  • The grapple mechanic – I spent basically the whole first day tweaking it to work perfectly. You might not notice while playing – but the gravity force is actually disabled when using the grappling hook! This makes it much easier to swing around a point in a circular motion.
  • The level editor I used, Tiled was completely on point! The editor was much more robust than Ogmo Editor, and the json export was a godsend.
  • PxTone always amazes me – I have no idea how I was able to create music that fast.
  • The graphics really worked out this time. I started each tile by designing specific palettes for them and then deviating a little. The result is quite striking!

Things that didn’t work out

  • I designed all of the levels in the game in literally a few hours, so I couldn’t really streamline them.
  • Only the level shown in the top gif really uses the platform switching mechanic to it’s fullest potential, I didn’t have enough time to integrate it into the others (especially level 2! those platforms before the swing around could have been switchable – but I had worries that the difficulty would spike because of it)
  • I wrote the music in literally the last 30 minutes, so let’s just say that it incredibly accurately encapsulates how rushed I was at that point.
  • Because I used no middleware or pre-made collision engine or loader – I spent a lot of the time setting up the game engine from scratch. If I didn’t do that, a lot more time could have been dedicated to level design and adding decorative tiles to the levels.
  • No menus! No victory music! Altogether not quite as “complete” feeling as my previous games.

This level didn’t use the switching worlds mechanic as much as I would have liked.

Cool swinging physics really made the game









Making an accidental sequel

I’m going to ramble for a bit – so I’ll put a read more tag here. Click that if you want to, uh, read more.

Early in development, my ideas for the levels were all in fully enclosed areas. Here’s a screenshot of the test level with the old tileset:

Because of this, I decided that my game should be set in a cave system once more. Throughout the development of the game, the main character was always a black rectangle with a green smiley face – something that I didn’t change until the last 5 minutes before the deadline – right after I made the music.

Hello handsome.

Strapped for time, I very quickly made the connection, “hey this is a lot like my previous game”, and decided – robots again. Why not?? I submitted the game with the temporary title “Low Battery 2”, went to bed, woke up and couldn’t think of anything else. So it kind of stuck! (apart from the completely necessary addition of “Electric Boogaloo”) The idea for the “””story””” also stemmed from this too – you go into the cave to find treasure but find that there is nothing there! (because you collected it all in low battery 1! that’s also why there are no more skeletons) So yeah, videogames.

I had to make the instructions graphic and themed game page post compo – but since those aren’t part of the game they probably don’t count. If they do then I’m SORRY!!

Making videogames – the true DIGITAL SPORT

Just like every time, I had a lot of fun making the game (and right now, rating others!) despite various shortcomings. I might actually be able to make this into something cool, and I might not bother again. We’ll see!

Thanks for reading! 😉

(ps: if you guys are angry about how large these gifs are – make a difference by making it possible to embed muted webms!! D:< )

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