How I made LD game in 48 hours

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August 28th, 2014 11:16 am

Hi all. At first – I’m bad in english so I’m sorry if someone can’t understand me =(

I made the game for the LD again and ready to tell how to.


My game called “Ordinary Weekdays of Tech Support of Parallel Worlds”.

The main rule is “Be simple”. I well expirienced, so I always knew how meny time I spend on each game component.

As always, I  started with game idea. I spent about 1-2 hours on this. The best practice is to write down all ideas and thinking about “What of them will not realize anyone else”. Then I choose the best idea by criterias: “simple to do” and “interesting to play”.

I like exploration games and made two on last LD. But at this time I had less time so I stopped at simple idea with minimum level design. Yeah, level design – most complex part in exploration games.

In next 2 hours I’ve been programmed game mechanic basis. There is also XBOX gamepad support. And then I started with graphics. It’s easy part for me because I’m expirinced graphical designer. Also wih pixel-art animations. I like animate sprites and can spend slightly more time for this. In time stricitions I always used minimum frames. Often It looks coller than smother ones.

hero_run  player_run

This is example of main character running animation.

Rest of the day I spend on game logic. It’s the portal travel system, port’s connecting, level generating, weapons and bonuses. Also one of complex parts is interface. There are many screen-text which overlay each other. And minimaps on two sides. This idea came to my by a random way when I’ve been thought about screen resolution in my game. At the end of  first day I did the huge part of the game. Except enemies. I prograamed they logic but haven’t time to test it. Only one thing to make in the game at this state was port connecting:


The next day’s morning I stated with enemies. I created four enemy types with special ability, except first dude. First enemy just walking. Here is he:

enemy_walk  enemy_1

The second enemy was a blob who exploded on eight bullets when die.

enemy_jump  enemy_2

Third enemy can shoot. And last one teleports on short distance.
When enemies was ready, the game got second gameplay element. This is PORTS PROTECTING.


When game logic was completed I started with audio. I expirioenced in music creation so it was easy part for me. I made three soundtracks: menu, wrong side and right side. The last one I made from wrong side soundtrack. So they are using same notes =)

The situation with sounds was poor. I had to make ABOUT 50 sounds as total! Then I started to assault BFXR. This is genious tool. I made sounds easily and tested them. About four hours.

The next part is “level design”. I tested the game with “special cases” which I wrote. But game needed gameplay and difficulty curve. So I decided to make few difficulties. The differences was in the map generation algorithm and some stats.

The rest part was menu and spalsh screens (intro, win, fail). I made them within 1 hour. Then I reach my deadline… but plans changed and I’ve got extra few hours! So after small rest I started to polish game with extra sounds, bug catching and visual improving.

That’s all, I haven’t thigs that “went wrong”. But I slightly miss with gameplay. It should bew more ACTION. With many and many enemy waves at the same time. But this needs mpre balancing and another ammunition type.
I’ll expand this game at future to make it as this should be.


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