Hello dear Ludumdare(ians),

I want to share with you the game shadow and I (ilovepixel)  made for this Ludum Dare 30.

We joined the jam once again as ConflictiveLabs (sans elmismopancho, who couldn’t join us).

This game is our interpretation of the theme “Connected Worlds”.

Here I will quote shadow, the 1337 programmer, on his take of the game, even though he thinks it’s too artsy:

To be honest, [while working on the game mechanics] I had some concepts in my mind of what it means to “be connected with someone” (It could be emotionally, intellectually, etc). Not necessarily experimenting the same as the other person but still being able to support the other when it’s needed. Being in sync but still retaining their own independence.

I think this reflects what we wanted to imprint in BOND. Not only an interesting mechanic but also a nice feel to it.

About our submission; We had some problems that didn’t allow us to upload the full version of the game before the jam ended. This is why the original game is not really a full game but just a level repeated 3 times which we use to test the mechanics and the art. We apologize about this. I encourage you to play the Post-Jam version (which was uploaded a few hours after the deadline, when we were able to work on the game again an add the levels), you won’t be disappointed.

Here you can try our game!



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