Post Mortem on ‘Killbot’s Last Adventure’

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August 27th, 2014 7:04 am

Here, have a timelapse of my desktop computer (the laptop one didn’t record for some reason):

As always, I had a lot of fun this Ludum Dare :)

Although I initially liked the theme, it was kinda difficult to choose what I wanted to do with it. At first, I wanted to make a Lukasarts-style adventure about a girl who visits other worlds, but that stalled when I realized I didn’t know the right graphics tools for the job (Blender would have been it, adding it to my to-do list now). Next, I thought I would make a strategy game where you manage a space port – kind of like Sim City, but with a space port theme. By then it was Sunday, and I had begun playing around with a third game. This was/is Killbot’s Last Adventure. Because I wanted to actually deliver a (somewhat) finished game, that of course meant going for the Jam, again.

Killbot is a recurring character in most of my LD entries, and once again I wanted to tell a story in adventure mode.

The Good
Did I mention it was fun? Besides that, a game got completed. More or less. I’m pleased with the graphics, especially on the early screens, when time pressure wasn’t as high.

I am relatively pleased with my music this time. Part of it is due to the fact that I recently switched from GarageBand to Logic Pro, which was quite the upgrade. The soundtrack of the game, while not always entirely appropriate to the scene at hand, came from an inspired place :)

I made most of the tracks before I even started programming, and then listened to them as I coded the game.

The Not-So-Good
Almost no sleep, and almost no IRC or blog activity. During this LD I finally wanted to integrate with the community, but I found it too distracting. Bummer, I guess I’m remaining an outsider for a little while longer.

The game itself, well. It’s mostly a slide show, to be honest. I just didn’t have the time to put all the puzzles and animation elements in that I wanted. There was supposed to be an action mode where you could steer Killbot from above running through dungeons, killing things. But this, too, didn’t get finished and never became a part of the game.

Killbot’s final adventure is also too short, even from a story-telling perspective. The story could have been good, but sort of fails due to (the lack of) narrative timing. I wish I could have given Killbot a more worthy sendoff, but as endings go, I guess it’s not a bad one. Maybe I’m too critical 😉

Things to Do Differently
Next time, everything will be different! Next time, I’m going to challenge myself more by making a game that is outside of my comfort zone. No more half-hearted adventure and strategy games! I want to make a jump’n’run or something. Also, maybe pixel art, finally. Things I haven’t done before!

Also, not being a game developer by trade, I’ll have to seriously expand my tool knowledge. Just showing some images with CSS here and there isn’t going to cut it, and I know that.

Check it out: Killbot’s Last Adventure

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