Post Mortem for “Spaceway Transportation”

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August 27th, 2014 7:23 am

Spaceway Transportation Incorporated is a transportation company devoted to transporting aliens safely and happily from planet to planet.   But, as a Spaceway pilot, you must be aware of flying objects and enemy ships that don’t want you near their planets. 

Play it here:

Timelapse/gameplay video:

Spaceway Transportation has gotten some feedback already – saying it was too difficult.  What’s wrong with super difficult games?!?  I can understand the level generation system at times can glitch and spawn an almost impossible object, of course, but the game is supposed to be difficult!  Anyways, to the post-mortem now.


I completed the game and *almost* everything I wanted to.  I even had time to implement an unplanned endless mode.  For writing a random interval-based level generation system in 48 hours, it turned out good (despite some impossible random things that happen once in a while).

The control system is great, and my OOP skills have grown very much.  More importantly, it is FUN (to me, at the very least)!


The theme.  Really the only way for this game to fit the theme is if you play the Campaign mode and follow the story, so I wish I could have implemented the theme a bit more, but it still works.

GRAYSCALE – some people seem to like the grayscale graphics, but I don’t really like them.  I couldn’t change them, though, because I settled on a grayscale software-rendering engine, written during the 48-hours.  Either way, the graphics still look kind of neat (for my art skills, of course).


A lot could have been done better in this game.  The theme could have been implemented a bit more, and I wish I had time to REALLY tweak the level generation system.

Final Note:

I finished a game, it is fun, difficult, and looks pretty good!  Play it now!

Play it here:

Timelapse/gameplay video:

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