Ludum Dare – an amature artists point of view

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August 27th, 2014 4:45 pm


Team Fumiko here – we just wanted to let you all know that we were happy to take part in this ludum dare. We are a loose team of about 4 people. Two programmer, an artist and a levelbuilder – while the other three were already working together on a game I (artist) kinda just dropped in.

This was the first GameJam I did 3D for and even though I’d probably would have felt more safe in a 2D environment I’m glad I took the chance to test out my workflow.

At first we didn’t really like the theme and where about to make something like a spacetrader or infinity runner. Ironically I saw many games like that – so we kinda dodged a bullet when our lead-programmer and master of design came up with a new concept on a hunch.

Let’s make a dungeon crawler in which you compete for the loot. This was our new base idea. Our leveldesigner turned rad and built a level in blender which by no means was fitting for a dungeoncrawler. However the obstacleparcouring plattformer-madness that was this level gave an enitrely new flair to the concept. We went with a digital design theme and created our connected world.

While programming made big steps on the first day, I started a way too detailed character for my skills as an 3D-Artist – since I never really did hardsurfacemodelling it took me even more time and at the end of the day I had nothing else to show but one character (which I got padded on the back for though! So yay! :) ). Coremechanics were programmed only with cubes (dem bouncy cubes, man…) – however everything seemed to get along well.


The second day I started to get productive and meshed out most of the enemies, chests and coins in just a few hours. Sadly some of the team had to take time off for personal matters and we had some trouble because some found nothing to further contribute to the project while our two programmers shouldered all the pressure. This was before we knew that there was a Jam/Relaxed type of entry – so we thought we were on our last day already and because we did everything from scratch and most of us couldn’t resist trying out new stuff – quite some things were buggy. On the later evening programming became the ol’ tryanderror procedure – which as many of you will know does NOT make anyone happy. We fell behind schedule (not that we had one – but we regulary recapped what was done and what HAD to be done) so that we couldn’t really relaxed when we got the information about the knew deadline. (I’m kinda at fault because I asked our programmer to help out with animations – stripping him of time for his other work)

The last day was tough. Moral hit rock bottom – however we forced all the manpower we had available into this – as all art was done for the game and even additional stuff like handdrawn bumpmaps (because yaay! /o/ ) I downloaded Unity and got told how to help out with filling the level with entities and later on assigning every triggerable thing with a unique ID – which are a staggering amount of about 3oo units.


In the end everything depended on our leadprogrammer. All the features existed but had yet to be implemented into each other. He got it all working just minuts before the final deadline and the beginning of the extra submission hour. Done. He wasn’t happy. I tried to cheer him up – but his mood was shitty. He gave it his all and we both knew some things were still bugging out.

However after a day of him being grumpy he surprised everyone by having fixed the onlinescript for the game today and we’re happy to announce that our game is… pretty darn fun.

It is an online plattformer with emphasis on collecting coins during a ten minute match with an solid drop in drop out mechanic. To experience our vision of the game come join us when we play in the server – or invite some friends to try it out. We compiled a stable web-build which makes dropping in pretty fast and fun. Collect coins, find the fastest routes to chest and slay your way to being the player with the most coins. Join me at 5 – 6 PM GMT+2 when I try to beat my girlfriend in the game I worked on. You’d be very welcome to check out our game during that time to experience the multiplayer (or any other time for that matter)

tl;dr: try our game – it’s great!

+ don’t give artist accountrights to presentationplattforms – we’re way too much attentionhuggerly (totally a word) to be left without proper supervision.

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