Love and Lust: A Best Of

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August 27th, 2014 4:14 pm

So like last year, I’m going to make lists of my favourite entries every few days. But unlike last year, I’m going to try and categorise a few of the lists, especially as this theme seems to have inspired people to work within specific genres (sci-fi and romance come to mind).

It goes without saying that just because I played your game and it isn’t on any list, that doesn’t ipso facto mean I don’t think it’s any good. Sometimes it’s just down to preference, other times it was just hard to pick which ones to include, and very occasionally I may even forget to bookmark your entry.

This list is one for the best romantic/erotic games I’ve played so far, somewhat selfishly chosen considering it’s the genre I wrote my game in. (And yes, that was a not-very-subtle plug, but I had to put it somewhere 😉 )

13 Minutes of Light Okay, normally I’ll refrain from ranking anything on these lists, but I can’t help myself announce how much I like this game. It is my favourite so far. Beautifully told, 13 Minutes of Light is a romantic visual novel played through a clever letter-writing mechanic and set against a tumultuous political backdrop. I will be replaying this game to find all five ending. And then I’ll probably replay it some more.



Zanlings Match by Franklins Ghost — I’m not quite sure how to advertise this one. A weird dating show simulator where you may end up marrying a towering pink blob monster. Wait, that’s not quite it. A carefully stylised romance that will amuse, touch and perplex. Slightly better. But not perfect. Just go play it — trust me.



Our Worlds by Davi Santos — A dual-screen boy-girl romance where you control each character separately in an effort to get them to “connect”. Loads of games LD have gone for this, but so far I think this one comes out top. It looks great, with a distinct palette for both characters, and the mood is then refined thanks to the great music.


Thinkings by Lythom. This game also follows the two-avatars-connecting-with-one-another-via-puzzles template, but does it in a uniquely abstract way. You have some nice quotes to inspire solution to each puzzle, and each puzzle is an attempt to deepen the connection between these two pentagonal creatures. It doesn’t even have to be viewed as a romance — but that’s the way I interpreted it.


Secret Place by M James Short — A piece of Twine erotica about existential lust, with some very evocative lines: “early wetness as you melt inside me”, “a silent hiss of chemical infatuation”.


If I encounter more enticing romantic and/or erotic entries I’ll put up a part 2 to this list. And if you’ve made a game within the genre that you’d like me to check out, please do leave a comment!


[ETA: I got in a slight kerfuffle  (it’s getting late here) and had to repost this. I hope I haven’t annoyed anyone by doing so.]

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6 Responses to “Love and Lust: A Best Of”

  1. Go check my LD30 entry, e|merge. It’s a little rough right now, but I hope you can enjoy it.

  2. Snoother says:

    I’ve actually already got your game bookmarked on my to-play list. Definitely look forward to playing it when I get a moment.

  3. Franklins Ghost says:

    Thanks for mentioning my game, glad to hear you enjoyed it and that summary of it is perfect. If I do expand upon the game as I’m planning, I think I will definitely need to use that as a quote. Better than any summary of the game I could come up with. Also just wanted to say I really enjoyed your game, thought it was extremely well written and cleverly used the twine engine. Now will have to check out the other games you’ve mentioned.

    • Snoother says:

      Thanks, it’s nice to know you enjoyed my game too. Yeah, I had to ponder a bit when describing your game but I’m glad you like what I came up with — please do feel free to use it. I really look forward to playing your post-LD version.

  4. Jod says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the mention!

  5. AlexDJones says:

    This list is great – thanks for making it! I find these kinds of curated lists really interesting and hope more people do them, will probably end up doing one myself.

    My game is not so much romantic or erotic, but it is about being in a relationship. Let me know if you check it out!

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