Star Tycoons – Post Mortem

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August 26th, 2014 3:36 am


The LD30 has finished and now is the moment to do balance. This time, the team were very motivated and our target was to do a simple game with simple mechanics, because in past editions of Ludum Dare, we ended short of time always. But the braingstorming began and… disaster again: We wanted to a Space Transport Tycoon … the time was running..


– I waste a lot of hours doing a system of movable windows, similar to an operating system. We needed a lot of screen to play and manage all and this was a big idea, but very time consuming.

– Doing a big project for a LD, we didnt learn, and about the 50% of the game is without implement. We had illustrations for a lot of events (like the pirates event), but without time to add them. We wanted to develop an enemy IA to try to obstacle your bussiness, but again without time.

– The lack of a tutorial. The barrier for this game is very high in the first moment. With more time we would have added a nice help and tutorial panels to help the player in his/her first steps.

– The sound. We didnt have a musician and/or sound artist in this LD, then I had to improvise at last moment. We know that we can improve this part a lot.


-We tried something different and we already won this time because  we  already have an incredible simulator done in 72 hours, by 3 people and with a lot of possibilities for the future. A lot of the code will be reused in future projects (like movable windows) and we are very proud of the final results.

– The graphics. Eduardo and Sinda have done an amazing work, with a lot of creativity and personal style. We always try to do games in 2d with great quality, but this time the work of these artist of Mechanic Moon, has been spectacular.

– The dynamic path system was a brainpain but at least it works well and it’s very interesting to improve and reuse it in the future. There are some bugs, I know, but the game is very stable in Html5, and we ended it in time.


– Work a lot. We always give the 100% in LD and we want to live doing games, and in this world, there isnt an easy way. The only way is to do good games.

And now, some extra art for the events that we didnt have time to add to the game :



Thanks for reading, we will see soon in the next Ludum Dare 31!!!


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