MMO God – Post Mortem

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August 26th, 2014 7:45 am

Nichii of Studio Junnav, reporting a late post mortem here 😛

This is our 3rd successful Ludum Dare Jam, with my best friend, Isaac, who is an artist for all of our games.

So, we managed to make a game under 2 days, fully polished and all features were implemented without a problem. We started making the game 6 hours later into the jam because of brainstorming and me needed a bit of afternoon nap to get my energy back up. We were pretty lucky that Ludum Dare started at morning 9am in my country.

Here’s a bunch of stuff that we have learnt:

1) Don’t give in your 100% – This is pretty funny, but weirdly, it did work for us. The explanation are pretty simply as to why we say this: If you put in your 100%, your expectation will be higher; and higher expectation leads to a longer list of features to be implemented. This is something that I have learnt from my college friends, especially on the assignment. Be lazy, and you will be able to achieve it in your own strength without any stress at all.

2) Relax and take some rest if needed – I knew that if I hadn’t took an afternoon nap that day, we could have made a terrible progress. Since I am a director and the programmer of this game, I need every single bit of power of my brain in order to focus in what we are doing. I swear I slept more than 20 hours the whole Ludum Dare. We even took some time off to look at other people’s progress too.

3) Try out something different – If you are making platformer game or a space shooter, you are not learning something new. Always Google search “Game Genres”, take a look at the Wikipedia page, and then choose a random genre you haven’t tried before and then work on it. Who knows that genre might suit your taste? 😛

What went right?

+ We went through the whole Ludum Dare without a single stress.

+ All features in the game were successfully implemented.

+ We have decided to make a full game out of MMO God 😀

What went wrong?

– Nothing actually. I am a positive guy 😀

– Well seriously, nothing actually went wrong, all worked according to plan.

– Well, maybe our game didn’t have the best graphic or not too many features enough, but hey, this is what I have planned for anyway :)

– Oh, and I think I needed more work on my composing skills, that is all.

The more Ludum Dare jam that we are participating, the easier that it becomes. I can honestly say that we are pretty comfortable making games under 2 days now 😀 We are definitely joining Ludum Dare this December again!

Check out our game here!


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