Gimbal Fighter – We made it!… somewhat

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August 26th, 2014 8:46 pm

Well, here we are.  End of our 3rd Ludum Dare and more tired than ever. Our Jam group stood strong as we lost our third developer right out of the gate and two of us continued on with a game concept waaay to ambitious for our diapers.

But no excuses and no regrets! we have paved the foundation for an awesome game and we want to continue at it.

I present to you: Gimbal Fighter

Snazzy space stuff

Losing the battle against an invading armada of battleships, you are tasked to turn the tables of war by flying into enemy territory and deploying a newly designed Warp Gate. Your tiny space ship “Gimbal Fighter” is designed to warp in, drop a warp beacon, defend it till construction is built, and wait for reinforcements.

The game play was designed around a rotating spherical cockpit that would allow you to rotate freely, shoot in any direction, and maintain flight path… Great for guerrilla warfare bombing runs.


We certainly did not get as far as we wanted to in the development of this game, but at least we had fun doing it and we’re definitely going to keep going till we finish. Keep an eye on us, give us some feedback, and check out our other games here:

Team Dingus’ past submissions




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