Ultra Realistic Social Network Simulator – Postmortem

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August 25th, 2014 4:19 am

I’ve always wanted to make something that simulated a social network, but just as a short and silly project. For this ludum dare I only had one day available so it was a good opportunity to try this idea. First I was going to make some kind of “choose your own adventure” with the context of using a social network, but I had played something similar not too long ago.

I started creating an activity feed to create the mood of using a social network. I added a photo of Phil Fish and wrote a couple of quotes to test the mechanic. And that’s when I thought:”Hey, this could be funny with more characters and quotes.

So I included 9 more characters and someone suggested me over twitter to generate random quotes, which was a great idea. Once I had finished adding more content I made a few tweaks and added some links to twitter and my website(disguised as FAQ and Pivacy Policy).

I added a button to share the game on Twitter, but then it hit me, it be more awesome to be able to share something cool you saw on the activity feed. So I did a small patch to save quotes and share them over Twitter.

By then I was out of energy and with a pair of hours left. When I was going to submit my game I found out that, once compiled, the twitter button is buggy as hell, and I had to spend another hour trying to do a messy fix.

So it’s done and ready to “play”, let’s see if players have a few laughs with it 😀

Play “Ultra Realistic Social Network Simulator”

Ultra Realistic Social Network simulator recreates the whole experience of using a social network. You can’t win or lose, just waste your time watching the activity feed.


-Watch random updates from different characters.

-Over 70 pre-made status updates plus lots of randomly-generated quotes.

-Mark your favourite quotes and share them on twitter.

-Pop-ups with warning messages.

-No annoying chat sounds.

-Procrastinating has never been easier.

-94.9% more random than your average game.

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