Problems and messy code

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August 25th, 2014 10:45 am

Well, as a lot of people finished and LD48 is over, we are still working on our game called Flipper. At the beginning, we didn’t know we will even participate, but here we are, with nearly completed game. It is our first platformer and first LD game, but it isn’t such bad. It all looked so easy, when I was creating basic game classes. But then, the first problem showed up – the FPS counter didn’t work on my PC. OK, half an our for fixing does not hurt too much. We are writing a game, so what should I do next? Write a menu! Menu is very important, you know. So basically, I was working on menu for like 3 hours. And we didn’t have anything visible but menu for next +- 7 hours. What a good time plan. All the time we were creating “low-level” stuff like texture manager (which obviously wanted to irritate us as much as it could) on one side, because we didn’t want to use any “framework”, so we are using only LWJGL and Slick-Util, but on the other side, we were preparing for the real gameplay, we had blocks and all that stuff. And the code was becoming more and more “blobbed”. We were stuck for few hours just because we had mess with positioning. The math is like “one here, one there, some offset to this…”. The rendering and updating is written in a very strange way, but why not, it works. And one of the biggest problems – collisions. Hate them. Why not to use Death screen as Win screen as well. But the problem that rules them all is resources. We are such terrible at drawing, so we had to look for resources on the Internet. And editing them wasn’t better. I just can’t use GIMP 😀 But despite it all, we (nearly) made it. It remains only to create levels and do some minor tweaking.

Actual gameplay footage

Next time, I will force him to use libGDX or something similar, because solving “simple problems” like rendering texture for two or more hours is just bad. And we need to get some artist for the textures. And maybe change programming language. And maybe change developers. If there will be any “next time”.

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