[Post Mortem]: Two Lives

August 25th, 2014 8:35 am

Two Lives - Title Screen


Two Lives is an adventure game in which you control a character through their waking life and their dream life, seeing the differences that each has on the other.

At least, that was the initial idea. I planned for you to be able to travel around a small area and you got to choose what to do during the day. The options were going to be; going to your office job, staying inside playing games, or going out with people. After you spent time at any location, you would play through a dream sequence that was affected by your decision. If you played games the dream would look like a fantasy RPG, if you chose to hang out with people then the dream would include weird dialogue from the “friends” you made, and if you chose work your dreams would be kinda bland and include your boss. You had three days to choose different options and the dreams would change based on what permutation of the three things you did during those three days.

If it sounds crazy and over ambitious, it’s because it was. This was my first Ludum Dare and I grossly underestimated how long each thing would take me to do.

To play it click here



I used Flash CS5 and ActionScript 3 to code the game, and all the art was drawn in GIMP.



-I came out of the Ludum Dare with a finished “game”

-I created a cohesive art style for the game

-There aren’t any bugs (that I know of)

-I had a lot of fun!



-As this was my first Ludum Dare, a lot went wrong and I was way too ambitious with my idea

-I never got to create animations for the character you play as

-I wanted to change your sprite based on the dream you were in, but I never got around to drawing the different sprites

-I threw an ending together after realizing that I would only be able to make 1/3 of my original idea

-The code is super sloppy and with some smarter planning I could have wasted a lot less time and maybe gotten closer to my original vision for the game

-I probably spent more time on art than necessary and not enough on coding



All in all, I’d say my first Ludum Dare was a huge success. Not necessarily from a “making a good game” standpoint, but I had never gone from a game idea to released game before. So this was sort of my first game and also my first Ludum Dare. I had great fun making all the art for the game, and since I was sort of in a months long art block  I was surprised at how easy and fun it was.

Above all I learned that next time I’ll definitely have to limit the scope of my idea a lot more so that I can finish the entire thing and put more polish on it. Then I can definitely make a game that can break top 50%! (Though voting isn’t even close to over yet so who knows what will happen)

Click here to play the game!

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