Post-mortem… a (dis)connected world

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August 25th, 2014 8:26 am

Time for a post-mortem.

butcher scene


This #LD I’ve decided to use the framework I made last time: for a point-n-click game.

Before the competition I decided to add some more features, like a dialog system and a way to play sound. Also the Javascript should now work correctly on iOS and Android as well.


NO! I didn’t want Connected Worlds… I had some great game ideas with other themes, but not this< theme. What should I do? Well, I went for a short walk outside and imagined two worlds close to each other. What if the worlds are very close, but not yet connected? How about a love story? Yes! A love story! This is the basis of my game.

The puzzles

When making a point-n-click adventure game one of the most important things to have is: good puzzles. If the puzzles are too obvious people will make their way through the game in a matter of minutes, if the puzzles are too complicated people will quickly give up and hate it. This is the moment I panicked, I was again clueless and had no good puzzle ideas. That is when inspiration came from my living room… the Mythbusters. My love story was featured around building a rocket. And where did I learn everything I know about building rockets? The Mythbusters. That is why they just had to become part of my game (and they did!).

Drawing! Drawing! Hand cramp.

The biggest drawback of making a point-n-click adventure is the visuals… I love playing the genre and want to bring back the fun I had with games like Gobli(ii)ns, Monkey Island, Larry, DOTT etc.

Instead of drawing on the computer I decided to use something new (for me):

  1. Draw on paper (using pencil)
  2. Make photo with phone
  3. *instant dropbox sync*
  4. Open in GIMP
  5. Play with threshold
  6. Do digital coloring
  7. (optional): Turn layers into animation with sprite GIMP plugin

The amount of drawing to programming was 90/10, maybe even 90/5/5 if you include making music and sound effects!

In the end I decided to also push my hand-drawn artwork on Github, you can check it our here.

Music & sound fx

For the music I decided to use SoundHelix. It took me a while to figure out how to change the settings to get something which matches the scene I was working on, but I love the result.

The sound effects where all quick hacks, shouting at the microphone. I’m especially proud of my lions roar, which turned out much better than I anticipated.


I’m very pleased with the result, it is much better than the first LD I finished. It makes me feel so proud when people say it reminds them of the fun they had with the good old point-n-click adventures. It is my duty to make you laugh and have a good time!

To play my game, click here.

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