Melody’s Post Mortem

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August 25th, 2014 1:14 pm

With our game, Melody’s Long Ladder Home (play it here!), complete, it’s time to look back a post mortem of our experience in Ludum Dare 30.

The Good:

  • We – my friend Will and I – learned allot. We learned how to best use our tools (especially Stencyl) in the future, and we learned about the awesome game dev community out there.
  • Our live stream was fun and fruitful. We got to interact with interesting people and had a blast doing it. We did over 12 hours of total streaming over three days (which is nothing compared to the 24 hour Extra Life marathon stream we do).
  • Our game turned out well. We really like the result, and actually impressed ourselves with it – we weren’t sure what we were going to come up with, but this turned out well.


The Bad:

  • Turns out Stencyl has some technical limits, and we kinda pushed beyond them. Namely, we overloaded it and started getting 3-5 FPS while testing. Fortunately the game exported fine and runs smoothly outside of Stencyl.
  • Some idiot running our live stream’s video feeds (me) forgot to turn off the full screen webcam for several minutes on two separate occasions. Not really a big issue, but c’mon… that’s a rookie mistake.
  • I personally didn’t sleep worth a darn the entire competition, so I’m looking forward to a long night’s rest tonight.

Long story short, we had fun and hopefully everyone else participating had fun as well. See you guys next time!

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  1. Aglavra says:

    I had the same issue with Stencyl. My game was lagging when I tested it within Stencyl, but when I published it to .swf, closed Stencyl and run the game, it worked fine. It seems that Stencyl uses too much resources. But otherwise I like this tool, it spared for me much time, especially on early stages of developing a game.

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